Fifa 12 Turn and Spin Tip

As we look forward to Fifa 13, we don’t want to forget about those of you who still play Fifa 12.  Today’s tip goes over the Turn and Spin trick that will have you scoring more goals in no time. You will need a five star skill player to pull off the move.  However, a four star skill player can do a similar move called the stop and spin that is about as effective.  It is very easy to execute, just hold down the L2 button then flick the right stick forward then left or right depending on which way you want to go.

Fifa 12 Roulette Trick

When you get into an online game in Fifa 12, you will run into over-aggressive defenders doing anything they can to win the ball from your player.  This is the perfect time to pull off the roulette move.  All you need to pull it off is a player with at least 3 star skill level and a little bit of practice to perfect the move.  Watch the video below for exact instructions:

Fifa 12 Driven Free Kicks

Free kicks in Fifa 12 can make or break the outcome of a match.  In this video, the folks at EA Sports go over the best way to convert more driven free kicks.  You will want to select a player with good strength and accuracy ratings to take the free kick.  Also, make sure that the ball is 30 yards or more away from the goal in order to use this technique.  Watch the video below for more info.

Defense in Fifa 12

Many gamers like to focus on offense and scoring goals, points, touchdowns, or runs.  But the old saying, “Defense wins championships” still holds true.  Below is a video from the EA Sports team going over a few defensive tactics and tips for Fifa 12 that can help you compete with higher level gamers.

Using Elastico in Fifa 12

If you find yourself in a tight space, try using elastico to get out of it.  Only players with 5 star skill level are able to pull off such a move so make sure to pick wisely.  It takes some timing and precision but if you perfect it, you will become dangerous.