Early NBA 2K14 Defensive Tips For Success

The most effective type of defense in NBA 2K14 is to guard the ball handler and play smart on ball defense. This is also the toughest type of defense to play and in some situations you won’t be capable of stopping a player using on ball defense. If you notice you can’t stop the ball handler yourself don’t fret, there is another option. Play help defense.

There are two basic ways to play help defense, depending on your opponent you can alternate between the methods. The first method is to simply play defense as the center and hold down the paint (close out on some closer shots too.  This is the easiest way to play defense so long as you don’t let easy passes to an open center in the post (get back to your man if you must or cut off the pass.

If you are playing a team like OKC then this is your method of choice because leaving Kendrick Perkins open usually isn’t an issue unless he is right under the basket. The “center defense” as I call it is extremely effective because not only can you close up lanes but your opponent see’s you are the intimidating center and will not want to bring it to the basket. Sometimes you can’t play off the center due to match up issues, this is where you must choose to help off.

If you are playing against the likes of Dwight Howard, Brook Lopez, Roy Hibbert or any other elite centers then it isn’t suggested you help off the center.

In order to shut down the offense you should help off the weakest link.  Regardless if the offense’s weakest link is a point guard or a power forward you should help off the player your opponent is least likely to score with (if you’re trying to stop an elite center, use one of your forwards). If I am playing the Rockets I usually help off their weak power forwards. It is important to always keep an eye on the player you are helping off so they do not get a wide open layup.

This technique will force more shots with bad shooters and force the ball out of the primary scorer’s hand.

The best thing to do when you bring help is to force the ball out of the players hands or cut off the lane. Stepping in front of the player when they beat their defender and predicting which lane they are taking is a great move while playing help defense. If you just want the ball to be in another players hands(possibly cause Lebron is seemingly unstoppable for instance) then bring the help early in the offense and keep your defenders hands up to try to cut off any easy pass.

The final key to help defense is being able to quickly switch to another defender and bringing help on the open player you left. For instance if you bring the power forward to double team on the center then be ready to bring the small forward to stop the opponents power forward if they get the ball. The best 2K14 players won’t ever stop at one switch and will continuously bring help defenders until the offense is forced into a bad shot.

NBA 2K14 Release Date Announced

After months of secrecy, 2K Sports has decided to officially announce the release date for this years basketball video game, NBA 2K14.  Historically, the game comes out during the first week of October, and this year will be no different.  NBA 2K14 will be released on Tuesday October 1st, 2013 according to major retailers such as Amazon.com.

As of today, we know that 2K14 will be on at least the PlayStation 3 and the XBOX 360 consoles as well as the PC.  We expect it to also be on some handheld devices such as the PSP and the Wii U.  There is still no information on the prospects of NBA 2K14 coming to the PlayStation 4 or XBOX 720 later in the year.

At this point, many in the sports gaming media assume that Miami Heat star Lebron James will be on the cover, but at this point it is purely speculation.

More NBA 2K14 news should start to trickle out over the next month or 2 including who will be on the cover and what new features we can expect to see.

What features or additions would you like to see in NBA 2K14?  Let us know in the comments section.

NBA 2K13 Roster Update (Week 18) Available

2K Sports has released another roster update this week for NBA 2K13 that includes the addition of PG Patrick Beverly to the Houston Rockets as well as the return of veteran guard Derek Fisher making a return to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Former Syracuse standout and current Cavaliers point guard Dion Waiters received a 6 point increase from 71 overall to 77 overall.  Other notable increases include Tony Parker going up to 87 overall while Ty Lawson and Stephen Curry are now rated as 85 overall guards.

There seems to be a bias toward adjusting ratings of guards while largely ignoring players at the  power forward or center positions.  Hopefully this trend will be reversed in future updates.  Show the big guys some love!

Suns interim coach Lindsey Hunter is still not on the sidelines in NBA 2K13.  There is no word yet on when we can expect that to take place.

How To Raise Your Attributes in NBA 2K13 My Career

SubTheGamer has published another video for all you NBA 2K13 fans that will surely help boost your attributes.  In the career mode part of NBA 2K13, everyone knows that you are only as good as your player’s skills.  Raising your attributes can take a long time and generally be a pretty boring way to spend your day.

Training against legends such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird can help you quickly raise those attributes.  Obviously training with Michael Jordan will help with dunks, vertical, etc while training with someone like Magic Johnson will improve passing and training with Larry Bird will increase shooting ability.

Make sure to use your training sessions wisely.  You only get to use 2 per season so make sure you train with the players who will help increase the skills you care about right away.

Check out the full video below courtesy of SubTheGamer.

3 Point Shooting Tips in NBA 2K13

Like it or not, 3 point shooting is a huge part of basketball video games.  It always has been and it always will be the same way gamers choose to throw hail mary passes in Madden NFL instead of rushing the football.  With that in mind, it is a good idea for anyone thinking of playing NBA 2K13 online or against friends offline to have a decent idea of how best to shoot the 3 pointer in this year’s game.

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SubTheGamer goes over his tips on mastering the long ball in NBA 2K13 a little later on in this post.  He uses the Miami Heat’s newly acquired shooting guard and three point legend Ray Allen in this tutorial.  Make sure to watch the video closely and follow the directions in the video for best results.

The full video is below.  Let us know what you think in the comments section.

NBA 2K13 Review

The IGN team has completed their NBA 2K13 review.  The animation and gameplay are so good that from a long distance it legitimately looks like you are watching a real NBA game.  The commentary is also very polished and as good as its ever been.

While there are still flaws like every game, it is a giant step forward.  We included the full video below for those of you who want a more detailed look at NBA 2K13.