NBA 2K14 Release Date Announced

After months of secrecy, 2K Sports has decided to officially announce the release date for this years basketball video game, NBA 2K14.  Historically, the game comes out during the first week of October, and this year will be no different.  NBA 2K14 will be released on Tuesday October 1st, 2013 according to major retailers such as

As of today, we know that 2K14 will be on at least the PlayStation 3 and the XBOX 360 consoles as well as the PC.  We expect it to also be on some handheld devices such as the PSP and the Wii U.  There is still no information on the prospects of NBA 2K14 coming to the PlayStation 4 or XBOX 720 later in the year.

At this point, many in the sports gaming media assume that Miami Heat star Lebron James will be on the cover, but at this point it is purely speculation.

More NBA 2K14 news should start to trickle out over the next month or 2 including who will be on the cover and what new features we can expect to see.

What features or additions would you like to see in NBA 2K14?  Let us know in the comments section.

61 thoughts on “NBA 2K14 Release Date Announced”

    1. i would like to see in my player the main thing is the ability to skip 2,3 or like 20 games through the season the only thing you can do is either play next game or play next key game. i mean sometimes i dont wanna play the next game but i dont wanna choose to play next key game cause other wise you end up half way through the season. A college season would be good aswell. Depending on your draft pick you should get paid more, i got number one pick and i only get like 513 for the year. And no more vc go back to skill points cause if my internet goes down i cant play cause it will convert to sp. More hairstyles. Different voices. Rivalries. Actions when hitting a three. Better post game interviews. All star game be more realistic like score 150 each side. Have a manager. And reading the comments before someone mentioned it to be more like sims were it’s more like real life you have a house and what not that would actually be pretty cool see fans on the street stuff like that. More sponsers like addidas and stuff like that instead of just nike.

  1. I would like to see things like technicals called for hard fouls…even ejections (coaches..players etc) better championship celebrations. If a player is about to break a record (ex. Ray Allen 3 point record) after a player does it stop the game give them a standing o and have tht player whos record he broke congratulate them. Commentary from each arenas commentator NOT the same people in every arena..and last but NOT least at halftime when a player is doing good have them talk to the reporter like they do before going into the lockeroom..basically try to make it like an actual televised game on TNT.

    1. Yes sir just got threw from talking about that better celebrations crowd hype ness halftime talk with the players coaches at halftime show real life MVP awards celebrations. Celebrities in the crowd stop overrating lebron and under rating kobe look what he does @ age 34 years old still going ham. Add players real jump shots ex. Meta world peace hard to shoot with nba 2k13 he hit 3s in the game as well, dwight Howard rebounding he leads the league with a torn labrum in his shoulder coming off back surgery needs to be up a nice halftime show would be great with real life commentators ex shaq magic Johnson Reggie miller jalen rose, Chris webber Stephen a smith, etc talk with coaches/players at halftime on what the should do in the second half to win the game and add realism to this game no fake stuff all real life

    2. yeah that would be cool and also what they should do is make the players do it usually and close games and they can put that in assocation and talk about why they got so many techs and ejections. They should also add a signature skill called Short Fuse that means they are most competitve like me on the court and always get techs more often then the ones who don’t have this skill. Exaples are durant, Kobe, James, and world Peace

  2. -new hair e.g flat top, better Afro and better white guy hair
    -get any shoe endorsement you want e.g. Adidas, converse, rebock
    -the use of any jersey in my career
    -different t.v stations like ESPN and nbatv for when you play a game
    -in my player/career have the tnt guys talk about how you played
    -have highlights
    -maybe pre-draft workouts
    -you can choose to play a collage career before you enter your nba career or you could skip that and play in the rookie showcase

  3. I would like to see a better looking rim and net… The net looks like paper the rim looks small.. I like how live 10 had the rim and u could see the rim pull down and snap back up on a dunk.. I would also like to see a celebration button after u make a hard shot or dunk you have control over your players emotions. 3. Better defense control it’s way to hard to stay with a player and the help defense is slow closing out on shooters. 4. Make true to life reactions if a player is driving CPU should slide hard to pinch in the paint. 5. Slow the shooting motion down a tad bit sometimes it happens so quickly it’s hard to get a feel for a shooters release. 6. Have Charles Barkley and the others on halftime maybe showing player at the half on a jumbo screen while they are talking about the positives or negatives of the player. 7. Show fan interaction before the game maybe taking pics at the concession stand.. Finding there seats.. 8. Have a heart beat vibration on free throws especially during crunch time . 9. Make my career more interesting be able to go first off the board if numbers are of top quality.. Have a rpg type style my career where u can put things in your crib.. Go lift weights to strengthen up or improve weaknesses.. Give my career a big twist with off the court situations that you can choose that can interfere with or help your career path. 10. Just go above and beyond give us everything a mind can think of.

    1. THANK YOU!!!! Ive been waiting on this game for the PS Vita for a long damn time. I feel like I’m being straight up cheated and then mocked at by them releasing this mediocre game on such an outdated piece of hardware. Quit playing and give the PS Vita sports community what they want.

  4. What I would like to be in NBA 2k14 is a better introduction. When the game starts here comes all the teams logons like you did in NBA 2k12 and 13 then later I would like NBA 2k14 intro similar to Madden 13 intro. You know Lebron James as Ray Lewis and things like that. After that here comes the home page. I want the home page to be the same as the NBA 2k13. For my player though I would like better hair styles, and better appearance. I also want free gear because I don’t think you should by gear with skill points. Skill points should be only for your attributes and signature skills not for gear or moves. Next I want my player overall to a 73 on all positions because I believe your overall should be a c. Other rookies overall is a c like Bradley Beal, Thomas Robinson, and some others. In real life I’m a good basketball player. I would say my overall is in the 70’s because I can shoot up close and my defense is great, but my player is opposite of me. He’s slow, missing shots his good at, and things like that. For NBA 2k14 I would like my career like sims, buying houses, getting married, driving around the city you play for,etc. I would like for Creating a Legend to be like my career, but the association I would like it to be something like a coach career. When your playing a game in half time show I would like it to be the half time show in real life, and have a reporter talk to a player had a good game before they go to the locker room. If a player or team breaks a record (ex.Ray Allen 3pt record, winning streaks) let it show it during a game like in real life when the miami heat broke the rockets winning streak and Stephan Curry broke Ray Allen 3pt record. We need more crossovers more dribbling moves. Also on the roster it would be nice to have all the teams in the nba. Well all I’m trying to say is make NBA 2k14 unbelieveable.

  5. I want to see it on the psvita and make so that it actually looks like its for psvita just stop makeing games for psp sony should just drop psp make the game as if you were playin on ps3 i knoe for a fact that it would sell big i knoe that if mlb the show made it for psvita and made it look like it was on ps3 you guys can to Bring 2k14 to the psvita…….

  6. -Give myplayer better hairstyles (just real looking at least)
    -Different voices to choose from in interviews.
    -Better interviews, actually ask questions about how the game went down in big situations. who cares about making player of the week/month. it always talks about past events.
    IN GAME ATMOSPHERE! captialised for importance. audience loses volume throughout game and doesnt get affected by big/late shots big dunks, game winners, winning the championship. It’s way to generic.
    -Celebrations, make them worth watching. If you zoom up on a player hear their voices but muffled just more exciting. drop the whole white house thing its a waste.
    -VC is bogus, you can only get it online. my player should achieve it throughout, online or offline. Give me the option to purchase clothes and gear through my contract and signing bonus and shoe deals. Bring money the contract to life in the game, free agency and offseason blows.
    -Presentation was an upgrade but they never carried over from seasons. I won 5 straight championships but it doesnt feel like that at all, they dont bring up any of my stats. They actually never talk about myplayer at all. This person we make to be the best player never gets mentioned in the game, and they mostly call me by my nickame, weird. Give presentation a boost.
    -Fouls, how do you get them?
    -Make audience look more diverse and doing different things. during freethrows they do nothing. People need to be moving around have some signs. Just more excitement overall. I want it too sound louder. Feel like you’re in the game.
    -Speed, its not accurate at all.
    -Missed shots, too often it happens. Players miss a shot becuase someone is jumping near me. If I take a shot and I get touched I know i have a 2% chance of making it, garbage.
    -Passing, I throw into people half the time cant they do the motion to get out of a jam and pass. Also im a 97 in passing but rarely make and accurate pass and also all my teammates have hands of stone and i get the turnover because they cant catch. interesting.

    Great game keep it up just do all these things. stop spending coutntless time on online material, accept that it will have its flaws, its the internet…, and work on the things that will not shut down.

    1. i agree with most of it but i wanna add
      to it :). see you kno GAMEFACE in EA,you should to be able 2u du the same thing :). take a pic, dosent have to b like YOU! but. gamelike you basikly, and dont only have to pre order to get the allstars,#3 get your own free gear again PLEASE!, you should be able to make your players overall waYY Better only up to atleast 94 OVR another thing, you should get this mode called “My Life and my crib” and you should have a car and house and as you get better you get nicer facilites and veichles. be able to post in twitter. NBA 2K13 SUCKED, i hope something like that never happens again.and when you do something like NBA 2K13 TOURNAMENT. actually do it!. and you know wan you make a shoe? yu shud be able to put on that side logo if its NIKE like the hyperdunk 2012’s, and have a better chance to get a shot… lets see? IN? stay only 9 or 10 games to get a shoe deal . and be able to have differnt dunk, tatoo and voice packages. thats all i got 🙂

  7. I would like better facial hair, like the James Harden beard that actually hangs. I would like actual rivals in MyCAREER mode. The ability to talk trash via twitter. Celebrities in the crowd (Drake, Jay-Z, Spike Lee, etc)I really want the skills competition in All-Star weekend.! In game goals should return like they were in 2K12. The ability to shop for your MyPLAYER on and offline. The ability to change the voice of your MyPLAYER. Theres a lot more, but those are the ones that are actually do-able

  8. Be able to block dunks, once a player is in dunk motion in 2k13 you cant block their shot, they can only miss, revamp foul system, passing system, technicals for hard fouls, ejections, jersey selection, have all the allstar competitions available in mycareer, etc.

    1. what I will like to see is Nba 2k14 focus a little bit more on assocation. for example have different T.V presentaion choices before the game like TNT,Nbatv,Abc/espn, and Twc station for the Lakers. also i would love 2 still have the same 32 team choices option and if so you get to make the stories, choose the stations that brodcast games and get to do all the stuff yo udo in 2k13 but app it up. Like trade make that improvement and have news that somebody just made a new shoe or make it by yourself and enter a player with a shoe contract and even have press confrences with real Nba players voices or just have them lipsink without words coming out the mouth and just subtitles. Finnaly have techs and ejections to make the game real and if a player got traded then let the crowd Boo every time they get the ball add players being on the SPORTCENTERS top plays scince the Espn option

  9. ALSO FIX THE POTENTIAL SYSTEM!!!!!! in 2k13 most rookies from 2012-13 become absolute superstars that you cannot guard at all, and sophomores from 12-13 stay exactly the same rating they were…

  10. i would like to see in 2k14 that u kan drive cars in my career and u kan buy them and that u kan buy houses nd stuff thats all

  11. I want to see hard fouls and flagrant fouls also a button to celibrate after tuff buckets. Also stars in the crowd like spike lee. Also i would love to choose who does the jump ball in the beging of the game if i have perkins or serg ibaka i want ibaka to do the jumo not perkins.

  12. I would like to see multi-console 1-on-1 and 3-on-3 without getting on the internet cause i couldn’t get on the internet and i missed out in 2k13 i also want to see updated rosters because the roster in 2k13 wasn’t fully updated and maybe My player could stat with better stats so that u dnot suck when you enter the league and one last thing in 2k13 the computer kept trading all of the knicks good players in my player mode so maybe we could have the option of allowing the cpu to trade oh and last thing you should have is ledgends showcase offline that would be the perfect NBA 2K14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hey Fix The defense and its too easy to score. Also my players you should at least make two cds
    One for regular two k and the other one for 2k my player to add alot of stuff
    Like starting out of college having a agent to watch over your money and what you buy
    You should be able to buy cars houses and ect and get married or not. Also on myplayer mode like what ever team you play for they don’t. Play d good at all. You can do charand team events team practices to build chemistry. Also injuries my player only got injured once
    Split up sp points for your abilities and vc for buying jewelry and clothes and etc. halftime show should be like real life like tnt and espn. before the game and halftime and timeout you should heart, the coach talking to the team. And if you don’t listen you get sit out
    Also ejection flagrants and you can argue with referees and coaches

  14. Better hair for my player better offseason train with teammates ect have commentatorcalls us by real name if chosen from selection of names not by nickname more than one question after game have teammates that are not waiting for you to make a play bring back summer leauge cheap clothes

  15. I think that in my player mode there should be an option to let the cpu trade teammates also when a team wins the championship there should be a huge celebration like if it were real and lastly have fouls called more of ten on blocking shooting and hanging on the rim too long plus when u try to block most of the time the ball will go through your arm i know it’s a game but that needs to be edited.

  16. Have ur player to walk around in a city like gta (grand theft auto) and be able to go to the gym or games

  17. make myCareer more realistic, like interviews before, i want to have my own house, better hairstyles, sports center showing your highlights, halftime interviews, talking to your coach during timeouts etc.

  18. fix the glitches, i know its a game but sometimes when i try to deflect a pass the ball goes through my arm, also when a team wins the championship make the celebration bigger, also allow more ejections and call more technicals, allow us to control our players emotions, when there is a really big dunk with someone who is known to throw down hard and they are on fire, let them break the rim lol and the game will be delayed until a new one goes up, also stop overrating LeBron James and underrating Kobe Bryant, i mean hes 34 and still a beast, oh and on my player, i want him to be called by his real name instead of a nickname you know, just make it as real as possible, and on clutch free throws if your at home make the crowd go quiet and put in a heartbeat, and if a player is clutch there should be a icon for clutch, i know there is closer but when i was playing with carmelo i was down by 3 and he was wide open and missed the clutch 3 costing me the game, i had perfect release and everything, the closer icon doesnt enhance 4th quarter performance to the extent it should, i hope you take these suggestions into serious consideration thank you

  19. Fix the steals, majority of times i push x to steal the player just does a wild whack or tries to steal with his right hand while the ball is in the oppositions right hand or vice versa, its frustrating .
    Shooting is way to easy in this game. More realistic like for instance, the rating for midrange or 3 is the percentage it has of going in while wide open. Deadeye and shot creator are all ABSOLUTE CRAP. Any player can do them.
    Help defense is virtually nonexistent
    Blocks on dunks.
    Speed still needs fixing.
    Same with on ball defense .
    Passing is way to slow, no lobs. and fast break passing needs fixing, break starter is a dumb signature skill
    Wide receiver catch in the paint,
    VC to only be accumulated to buy things like retro jerseys or unlock special players or dunk packages
    Bring back the contract for my player. Looks better. like earning 10mil a season compared to 10000VC , feels real
    Realistic improving your player. Like on 2k13 I do the dribble course get my VC and use it to improve blocking. DUMB!! Want to improve shooting, do drills the pro’s use to get your ratings higher and so on!!

    2K13 was an awesome game but still needs a lot of improving!!!! PLEASE 2K fix the errors !!!!

  20. First off. Please put some new hairstyle. We’ve been asking for this for YEARS and to no avail. Trade and draft logic. Stop stacking one position year after year. New rookie potential, too many superstars. At least three guys turn about to lebronesque each year. Guys drafted 13th rated 81 not often but seen it. Interviews halftime with better presentation. Twitter feed is cool but those are the only people in the world talking about you. Show our players some love.

  21. I wish that you bring it to the vita,and doesn’t matter whether you need to pre-order in oder to play the 3-point contest, slam dunk contest,allstar game, rising stars challenge aaaaaannnnnnnnddd…… the 2013 allstar celebrity game INCLUDED in MY PLAYER and THE ASSOCIATION. that would change it from other games by a loooooonnngg(long) shot. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEEAASSEE bring it to the PSVITA,… I repeat PLEASE,PLEASE,PLLEEEASSE…………………..BRING IT TO THE PLAYSTATION VITA PLEASE. We need a basketball game for the Playstation Vita. Also, can you guys add the superhero, scary, and extra new teams like stewie for example from family guy WITHOUUT!!! having to do anything else but put in a code like the usa team on 2k12.Lastly, can you guys add super shoes and the ability choose indoor/outdoor and whatever court they want when playing a regular or as you guys say “Quick Game”.

  22. – would love to see them take the online my player to the next level. The my player blacktop mode was a good start, but alot of times you get stuck on a team where the player taking it out will never pass the ball the whole game so its out of your control of what happens. I want to be in control and would like to be able to play real online games with my my player against other players my players. Then give us the option of what team we want to play with.
    – better statistics for online play
    – stop letting Lebron and d wade dribble through my whole team and dunk it when I have a 1-3-1 defense on and lock down paint….that’s just ridiculous
    – have online tournaments
    – have an online lobby where u can choose your opponent vs just getting matched up with a random person.
    – have an online leader board with a ranking system so we can compare ourselves to other players and see who the best in the world is.
    – explain your online ranking process and inform players what you need to do to improve your current ranking.
    – get rid of the online team matchup…no one plays it and its stupid…if u don’t get chosen as the point guard, the game is out of your control and most everyone quits.

  23. I would like to see real time highlights of the NBA, during half time of a game. Also a feature in the game where I can check real time highlights. Also if a player gets injuried or what in real life. He shouldn’t be availble in the game and until he recoverys.

    Also better arena crowds.
    Also last but not least. If a player in the game is sweating a lot and he falls on the ground from contact. They should have those people come out and sweep the ground.

    Just hire me!!! I have tons of ideas

  24. All I really want back is crew mode to go against other people. Please make that a feature in the game

  25. -Pull up animations should be quicker for players who can pull up on the dime and crossovers. Should be harder to react to those type players moves UNLESS the player guarding them is a good/great defensive player.

    -In My Player, being a lottery pick when your rating is no where near the other players is unrealistic. Performances in the Draft Combine Workouts should determine ratings. The better you perform in a specific drill boosts your rating in those specific areas the player is looking to improve upon. That way, our rating reflects the effort we put into the drills and how well we did in them. The DRAFT COMBINE GAME AND FORMAT SHOULD RETURN, AND THERE the gamer should be able to test out the skills he earned for the first time. Game-play should be about technique and Basketball I.Q., not trying to score as much as I can as well as impact the game defensively with a significantly low rating just so I can make the lottery.

    -I can live with the haircuts but just add a wavy Cesar: light, medium, & dark.

  26. i want to see a real half time show with charles barkley and everybody else and i want online to have multi-player.

  27. MyCareer needs improvement
    -It should start from the Final Four NCAA Championship & base on you performance it determines your draft stock.
    -It should be at least 6 teams interviewing your player instead of just 3
    -Different Voice we should be able to customize the pitch, tone, and accent (southern, british, other foreign languages etc)
    -It should be a life outside of just basketball…like hanging in the gym with teammates conversing with the coach, spending time with family, signing autographs etc.
    -VC should just go back to cash
    -More realistic injuries depending on the position of the players like torn acl, mcl, groin, plantar faciitis etc
    -Different hairstyles and more graphic creative tattoos like sleeves etc
    -If your MyPlayer gets drafted in the Top 10 you should be starting for that team. I got drafted number 1 to New Orleans and came off the bench…its useless and the starting overall rating should be 70-75 instead of 64-65
    -More endorsements like gatorade, commercial, clothing etc we should actually get a monthly salary from each one instead of just signing with them and not receiving money.
    -Lastly you should have the option of hiring a Manager to help decide which endorsements to choose from

  28. I forgot, the social media feature for MyCareer
    – We should be able to select a response like interactions with fans photo uploads of us at random places with fans
    – If we choose to do the NBA Cares and giving back to the community we should have pictures uploaded
    – It should actually kinda sorta look like twitter a tad bit
    – During breaks there should be in game interviews leading into the half
    – there should be a halftime show like Chuck, Shaq, Kenny sitting around talking about highlights of the game
    -MyCareer we should be able to have actually practices with the team and coach, penalty for arriving late…show the team arriving in the stadium
    -Like I said before it should be a life outside of basketball like during a game a message should pop up saying “Carmelo and the a few of the guys are going to Rucker park to play a game of horse would you attend?”
    Make it seem real! This years 2k13 was wack..after 2011 it just hasnt been right.

  29. Bring back the crew feature for my player and tone down the dunking .. Its like impossible to stop high flyers for taking flight on the whole team for 2k13 .. Better AI defense and fix defense .. Its to easy for offense to create space on 2k13

  30. Don’t be jerks like the rest of the game companies .. Make everything free instead of trying to scam everybody out of more money are guarantee something only for pre order

    1. Fix the blocks .. Hate how you can make a clean block but the ball go through your hands .. Also the reaching i understand that a reaching foul is a foul but you dont have to make it an automatic foul like give us an animation for a warning or something

  31. Create a game mode just for fun for the online users like 1 on 1 2 on 2 for the my player or something for private games .. Also having crew would be nice

  32. I would like to see on the court half time and after game interviews before the press conference, and half time and after the game highlights for xbox like on PS3. I also think I should be able to apply my vc earning to any player creation of my choice even if I delete a player I can still apply those vc earning to another creation, I would also like to personalize their features individually like beards and etc. In the all star modes I would like the ability to skip the slam dunk or any other area if I want and play the all star game only. One last thing I would like the option to choose the shoes for my team in my career mode, and when I play against teams that one of my created players is on, I want to see my player on that team and actually play against him in my career mode.

  33. bring back the combine to build your my player up so when the rookie showcase comes you play to your skills so you have a chance to be a high draft pick. also if you are a high draft pick no more coming off the bench you should be able to start if you team needs you for that position i mean look at anthony davis,mkg
    and barnes their high picks but their not on the bench. also bring back the second round like in 2k11. and you should be able to have a sleeve and elite socks. last thing off season work outs to get ready for the new season in my player with more names i mean my name is not in 2k and its’s wack to hear nicknames for my player so if you can put my name in 2k14 my name is obdulio

  34. If your my player is on a streak of 82 double doubles thru 82 games show how many players have done the same also give the option of playing against superstar caliber players like Jordan or magic while playing my player

  35. Update the create a player with the tattoos and and after you make a big shot let the team run on the floor high the player and let back dress with bthe warmupsmake the playoff venue hostile for the visiting team

  36. I don’t know about all that but I saw some videos on the 2k13 dunk contests and they were incredible. Please don’t make us have to preorder it to get it. Also there are to many glitches in the game like contract extension and in the game things go through stuff like a reach in foul is when a hand goes through a body part. Scoring is a little to easy too. If you like go against somebody with not very good on ball defense you practically just like through them. This is just a suggestion but what if they made a college game like they used to and make it like NCAA and Madden. You can do a road to glory and when you’re done put your player on 2k and that will determine your overall and your draft pick instead of a rookie showcase. I also agree with adding a combine to it. The contract with money on it was way better to.

  37. 1 make it easier to play d when definsive assist is at 100
    2 make the player better in my career mode as a rook at least a 70
    3 make it were you can throw hard shots an get ejected from the game
    4 it would be cool if there was a way to take a players attributes tendencies etc an put them on other players in association with out having to write it all down an an copy it your self
    5 bring the detroit pistons championship team back in legends
    6 make a little bit easier to get blocks
    7keep doing what your doing yall make the greatest basketball game ever


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