NBA 2K13 Roster Update (Week 18) Available

2K Sports has released another roster update this week for NBA 2K13 that includes the addition of PG Patrick Beverly to the Houston Rockets as well as the return of veteran guard Derek Fisher making a return to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Former Syracuse standout and current Cavaliers point guard Dion Waiters received a 6 point increase from 71 overall to 77 overall.  Other notable increases include Tony Parker going up to 87 overall while Ty Lawson and Stephen Curry are now rated as 85 overall guards.

There seems to be a bias toward adjusting ratings of guards while largely ignoring players at the  power forward or center positions.  Hopefully this trend will be reversed in future updates.  Show the big guys some love!

Suns interim coach Lindsey Hunter is still not on the sidelines in NBA 2K13.  There is no word yet on when we can expect that to take place.

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