3 Things That Must Be Included In Madden 25

Updated: February 28, 2013

Every year wishlists pop up around the internet at fan websites like our forum and Madden-School.com.  Fans want their voices heard and developers of games are increasingly listening to feedback.  The 3 suggestions below are a sample of the most common requests that we see in online Madden communities.

  1. Formation shifts – These were a crucial part of the golden generation of Madden NFL on the PlayStation 2.  Offenses were actually original and every good player ran something different.  Without formation shifts, we see the same few plays and formations repeatedly.
  2. In-Game Viewing (Spectator Mode) – There are rumors that this will be available on the PlayStation 4, but if EA Sports can do it on the current generation of XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 fans would ecstatic.  Connected Careers mode and Ultimate team are the future of sports games.  Being able to watch big games that your friends are playing would only add to those great features.
  3. Ability to import NCAA Football 14 draft classes – The removal of this feature from last year’s game caused a huge firestorm in online communities.  For something that is so simple, it doesn’t make much sense to have ever taken it out in the first place.  Look for it to be added back into Madden 25.

Obviously there are plenty of other great suggestions that EA Sports would be wise to include in Madden 25.  Let us know in the comments section what you’d like to see in this year’s NFL video game.


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