How To Raise Your Attributes in NBA 2K13 My Career

SubTheGamer has published another video for all you NBA 2K13 fans that will surely help boost your attributes.  In the career mode part of NBA 2K13, everyone knows that you are only as good as your player’s skills.  Raising your attributes can take a long time and generally be a pretty boring way to spend your day.

Training against legends such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird can help you quickly raise those attributes.  Obviously training with Michael Jordan will help with dunks, vertical, etc while training with someone like Magic Johnson will improve passing and training with Larry Bird will increase shooting ability.

Make sure to use your training sessions wisely.  You only get to use 2 per season so make sure you train with the players who will help increase the skills you care about right away.

Check out the full video below courtesy of SubTheGamer.

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