Top 5 Teams in Madden NFL 13

Now that all of the final roster updates for Madden 13 have been released, it is time to rank the top 5 teams in the game.  VG Strategy resident Madden expert TheMeInTeam has the full breakdown for you.

1. 49ers – Overrated at a lot of positions (WR, TE) and rated as high as needed in others, this squad benefits from the unrealistic madden rule big hit = fumble more than any other. With extreme speed on defense, an excellent run game and an overrated WR corps this is easily the most obnoxious team in the game.

2. Seahawks – Very much like the 49ers, except with a better run game and slightly less effective passing game/defense. Slightly.

3. Packers – They have everything but a run game. Their defense is way too good compared to actual performance. Their corners can bail, their S are solid, and their LB’s can put a beating down. On offense they have arguably the best passing attack, with multiple brutal speed WRs and lots of solid depth there.

4. Steelers – Two ridiculous speed WRs and a QB that can make any throw on offense, and a bunch of BS hit-stickers on defense along with CBs that can ball. On top of all of that, Polamalu is one of the few safeties in ’13 that will occasionally play his assignment!

5. Bengals – They get the nod over the Ravens. Their secondary is absurdly good, and AJ Green is one of the best in the game. However, they also have two guys who can burn you (Tate and Hawkins) along with a good TE. Like the two teams above, they don’t have an elite back…and yet they have one of the better run block OLs in the game so you can still put up great production with Scott + Peerman.

Texans, Patriots, Broncos all get honorable mention and are in the same tier behind 49ers + Seahawks which are the best teams in this game.

Feel free to agree, disagree, or add your top 5 in the comments section below or in our forum discussion thread.

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