Eric “Problem” Wright Wins Madden 13 Challenge

Those of us in the competitive Madden community shutter when we hear the name Problem.  Beat him once and you suddenly have the respect of the entire Madden world.  He is as close to a Madden celebrity as you can get.  Most agree that he is the greatest Madden player of all time before he set foot in Las Vegas to compete in this year’s Virgin Gaming/EA Sports Madden Challenge.

After dominating the field, he is now 140k richer and has another accomplishment added to his storied Madden career.  Most people have attributed his success this year to his legendary user stick skills.  Even more remarkably, his 46 Under defensive scheme is copied by just about everyone yet no one gets the results he does.

There is no end in sight for Eric “Problem” Wright.  He plans on picking up Madden 25 and will attempt to defend his Madden Challenge 2013 title next year.

Congratulations on your win Problem.  Best of luck next year!

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