Fifa 12 Turn and Spin Tip

As we look forward to Fifa 13, we don’t want to forget about those of you who still play Fifa 12.  Today’s tip goes over the Turn and Spin trick that will have you scoring more goals in no time. You will need a five star skill player to pull off the move.  However, a four star skill player can do a similar move called the stop and spin that is about as effective.  It is very easy to execute, just hold down the L2 button then flick the right stick forward then left or right depending on which way you want to go.

Defense in Fifa 12

Many gamers like to focus on offense and scoring goals, points, touchdowns, or runs.  But the old saying, “Defense wins championships” still holds true.  Below is a video from the EA Sports team going over a few defensive tactics and tips for Fifa 12 that can help you compete with higher level gamers.