NHL 15

  • nhl 14 trailer

    Official NHL 14 Trailer

    The NHL 14 that was being shown on the floor of E3 is now available for the public to view on YouTube.  It is just over a minute long and showcases...

  • nhl 14 trailer

    NHL 14 Collision Physics Trailer

    Those of you who love big hits and were slightly disappointed with the ability to deliver them in the past, will love the all new Collision System in NHL 14.  With...

  • nhl 14 cover round 2

    NHL 14 Cover Vote Proceeds To Round 2

    The NHL 14 cover vote has advanced to the 2nd round of voting with 32 players advancing from the original field.  This round is a little different then previous voting rounds. ...

  • nhl 14 cover

    NHL 14 Cover Vote Begins

    Now that the 2 months of Madden 25 cover voting is coming to an end, EA Sports has launched their cover tournament for NHL 14.  60 players (2 from each team)...

  • nhl 14 features

    Full NHL 14 Features List

    Earlier today, we uncovered the release date for NHL 14.  However, we have been blessed with even more information regarding the popular NHL video game.  We now have an extensive list...

  • nhl 14 release date

    NHL 14 Release Date Announced

    EA Sports has unveiled the release date for their upcoming hockey video game, NHL 14.  The game will be available starting on September 10th, 2013 in North America while gamers in...

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