No Roster Update Week 16

madden 12 roster update week 16

This year has been by far the most impressive ever in terms of roster updates in the madden franchise.  Since week 1, there has been a roster update for Madden 12 every week (even Thanksgiving week).  However, due to the holidays there will be no roster update this Friday.  The roster updates will resume next week January 6th, 2012 and continue through the Super Bowl.

I think I speak for every online madden player when I say, “Thank you EA Sports!”  I remember the days when we would go weeks at a time without any updates.  You guys have really stepped your game up the last few years and we are all appreciative.

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  1. Anyone else such a hardcore madden player that when they watch their team play on sundays they think about the roster update increases everytime someone makes a good play?

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