UFC Undisputed 3 Full Roster

ufc undisputed 3 roster

THQ released the full roster for UFC Undisputed 3 today via their Youtube channel.  It is the biggest roster in any mixed martial arts game to date.  UFC 3 will feature 150 fighter spread across 7 different weight classes and PRIDE.  UFC Undisputed 3 is looking to build off the momentum of the previous 2 UFC games.  Putting in a loaded roster such like this one will surely help them with that cause.  You can view the full roster and weight class breakdown on the official UFC Undisputed website or you can see  the UFC 3 roster trailer below.

Are there any fighter that were left out that you would like to see?  Which fighter will be the first that you will play with when the game comes out on February 14th?

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