Jeremy Lin or Tim Tebow: Who Deserves The Higher Rating?

Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow

If you were to tune into SportsCenter at a random time 2 months ago chances are that you would see full-time coverage of Tim Tebow.  Now that football season is over, most of us expected the sports world to return to normalcy.  No one expected Jeremy Lin and “Linsanity” to steal every headline across the country.  Both Lin and Tebow have people who claim them to be the savior of their franchises as well as those that claim they are nothing more than being in the right place at the right time.

That got us to thinking which player deserves the higher rating in their respective video game Madden 12 and NBA 2K12.  We don’t have a definitive answer so we are leaving it up to you.  Vote in our poll and then go to the comments section below and tell us what you think their ratings should be.

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