THQ Aware of UFC Undisputed 3 Online Problems

Mixed martial arts fans have patiently waited for this day for about 2 years. Gamers who like to compete online were shocked to find that some online modes in UFC Undisputed 3 are not working exactly as they should. UFC Undisputed 2010 had terrible…

UFC Undisputed 3 Online

Mixed martial arts fans have patiently waited for this day for about 2 years.  Gamers who like to compete online were shocked to find that some online modes in UFC Undisputed 3 are not working exactly as they should.  UFC Undisputed 2010 had terrible online lag which at times made the game unplayable.  Since then THQ has switched to their own servers in an attempt to correct the problem but it still persists.  There were reports of poor online quality from a few influencial bloggers and media outlets that received a copy of the game early but they were assured that everything would be good to go on release date.  Community manager THQ Tank had this to say:

Just to reaffirm, we are fully aware some users are unable to access certain online features. Player matches do work flawlessly however right now. We are addressing this issue ASAP and should have a resolution or further update shortly today.

The good news is that they are aware of the problem and are actively trying to fix it.  The bad news is that gamers really don’t care and expect a fully functionalproduct from day 1.  If THQ can fix this problem quickly, they will avoid a huge disaster and UFC Undisputed 3 should go on to become a great success.

16 thoughts on “THQ Aware of UFC Undisputed 3 Online Problems”

  1. this is complete crap barely any online features work ranked matched no go camps no go invite freidns to private match no go

  2. Yea I agree played 6 online games last night had about 2 where it was not lagging, but the biggest problem I found was everytime I was about to win the fight the opponent would jus leave the game ! There should be a system like mw

  3. * it should definitely count as a loss if u leave an online fight during gameplay. Please fix THQ, we have all waited long enuf for this so do it right

  4. its all bs. i stoped playing ufc 2 after about a week because of stupid lagging and disconnects. i love ufc gaming but so far on 3 i have had about 25 matches taken from me due to disconnects, then people think its me quitting but its not. I will give the game more time but if its not fixed soon it will be traded in just like ufc 2. last night i played for 2hours in that time i only got to play about 5 matches, 10 or so just stopped in the middle of the fight and then i would spend about another 10-20min just trying to reconnect so i could play another match, that probally isnt gonna count anyway cause of stupid disconnects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. “Player matches do work flawlessly however right now.”

    Player matches are still all bugged up. The biggest problem, which fans constantly say, but no one for THQ has mentioned (for what I have seen). Is that grappling very highly increases your chances of a disconnect (xbox). Even in a match that is running perfectly smooth, if you get in the clinch the fight can end.

  6. omg! its disconecting almost every fight! thats flawless? BWAAAAHAHAHAHA! if you have not bought this game yet, DONT, ITS BROKE!~

    1. This is really p#ssing me off every F#cking game gets disconnected fix your f#cking shitty servers sick of it 1 hour online not one full fight f#ucking sort it

  7. your right luke its crap mate u could either be beating the crap out of someone or vice versa and the game just disconnects its not right.THQ surely know that most people are going to play online when they get the game they should be making sure there servers are suitable for iv noticed that it does dc a lot when u tend to grapple with someone its really bad.fix it THQ!!.

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