Madden 13 Patch #3 Goes Public

Updated: October 17, 2012

Madden 13 has been somewhat of a sensation to track.  There seems to be more and more people who are complaining about the game but sales have been rising and most unbiased reviewers agree that the steps that EA Sports took this year to improve the Madden NFL franchise have been great.

In any attempt to continue to improve on one of their biggest games of the year, the EA Sports crew has released the third patch of the year mostly targetting a few gameplay tweaks, and adding some things into the new connected career mode.

With any new mode, you expect minor flaws.  As long as they are identified and addressed promptly, most fans don’t have much of an issue with it.  The approach of the development team this year has been outstanding especially when the steady release of weekly roster updates are considered.

The team at Madden-School has the full breakdown of what is addressed in this patch.  What would you like to see in the next one?  Let us know in the comments section.


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