Madden 13 Patch #3 Goes Public

Madden 13 has been somewhat of a sensation to track.  There seems to be more and more people who are complaining about the game but sales have been rising and most unbiased reviewers agree that the steps that EA Sports took this year to improve the Madden NFL franchise have been great.

In any attempt to continue to improve on one of their biggest games of the year, the EA Sports crew has released the third patch of the year mostly targetting a few gameplay tweaks, and adding some things into the new connected career mode.

With any new mode, you expect minor flaws.  As long as they are identified and addressed promptly, most fans don’t have much of an issue with it.  The approach of the development team this year has been outstanding especially when the steady release of weekly roster updates are considered.

The team at Madden-School has the full breakdown of what is addressed in this patch.  What would you like to see in the next one?  Let us know in the comments section.

15 thoughts on “Madden 13 Patch #3 Goes Public”

  1. please make the view of connected careers my player the view of superstar mode from past maddens and i don’t wanna have to pick my own plays doesn’t make me feel like a nfl player

  2. They need to fix morphing. I recall a video with Victor Lugo showing how physics would eliminate morphing by using momentum transfer. Even though morphing isn’t as bad as before it still shows up and too many pass plays; where the defender morphs through the receiver and makes a play.

    Also they need to fix CPB ‘My Gameplan’ as it is now and has been since M12 what you select and save ffrom your custom gameplan is not you you get. Rating plays and installing certain Defensive plays into certain situations does not work correctly. Mainly in Empty, Bunch & Overload situations. The play you rate and install are overwritten by what ever plays you installed into you Nickle situation.

    Another thing is using the new Twitter and Facebooke share feature. The game does not recognise ‘Custom’ dificulty settings. And frequently the stats are wrong. Usually when telling the leading rusher. I have had games where Benson gained 100+ yards and Kuhn maybe 6 yards and it will say Leading rusher was, Kuhn.

    I wish they would add live weather feed in the game like NCAA13 has and how M10 or M11 had. Would be nice to have more play now options: IE Regular Season and Playoff in addition to Superbowl and exhibition.

  3. could u guys make to where we can sign contract exstentions like in madden 12!:) love the new patch i see a big difference! Thanks EA

  4. also why no headsets on coaches thae at the half he takes it off!!lol fix please and could u put the weekly show back like madden 11. thanks

  5. Can yall fix the Bears away uniform? They dont wear the ugly orange pants, I’ve editted my uniform and saved it, but every game in franchise I have to change from those pants…

  6. Can the kicker and punter do my kicking in coach career mode? It would also make choices on those positions a little more relevant…
    I want to be a coach NOT a kicker…

  7. Fix the Bears away pants. This should have one of the first things they fixed. Also fix the Colts helmets. The are suppose to be big jersey numbers on the back of their helmets.

    1. I edited mine, but when I start a game I have to hit the edit uniform button and then exit and it will have the edited pants on…

  8. Oh and what ever scheme I pick for my career coach is not the one that shows up when they show my caoch… ?

  9. I would like to see fantasy draft available in offline career modes, player ratings to remain unchanged once entering into a new offline career mode, and AI to playcall smarter. I also want to have better availability to play as classic players in offline career mode as a coach.

  10. I love madden 13 the problem that i have with this game is the sever with they fix it? Another thing i with there is a APP that you could fallow your online head to head game like madden 12. I know you could fallow you career connect but not you head to head games or stats. Madden is the best!!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!!

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