NCAA Football 14 Gameplay Trailer

Updated: April 3, 2013

EA Sports has released the first gameplay trailer for NCAA Football 14.  At this point, it is hard to tell whether there are actually significant improvements to NCAA 14 or whether it is just pre-release hype.

The trailer focuses mostly on core gameplay by highlighting the improved physics called Infinity Engine 2.  This is the first edition of the NCAA Football series that will include real physics.  The idea behind the physics engine is that virtual players will have to follow the laws of physics.  This would hypothetically make the gameplay seem more realistic.  The physics engine was in Madden 13 and while it wasn’t as revolutionary as some had hoped, it did add a level of realism to the game the wasn’t there before.

Other notable features highlighted in the video are the improvements being made to the running game.  Gamers will now have the ability to accelerate through a hole.  You will notice a whole new array of juke moves in the video.

EA Sports has also mentioned that run blocking will be improved in NCAA Football 14.  Based on years past, the blocking game could use a whole lot of work.

Pre Order is now available for NCAA Football 14.  You can reserve your copy with free release date shipping and a low price guarantee at this link.  Make sure to check out the 10 new NCAA Football 14 screenshots on the website.

We were also able to get word on the release schedule for details on other improvements to NCAA Football 14.  That information will be posted later in the day.

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