NHL 14 Cover Vote Begins

Now that the 2 months of Madden 25 cover voting is coming to an end, EA Sports has launched their cover tournament for NHL 14.  60 players (2 from each team) made it into the bracket.  Teammates will play each other in the first round so only 1 representative from each team will make it into the second round.

You can place your vote on the NHL.com website now through April 28th for the first round.  You may vote up to 10 times per day.  On Thursdays, your vote via twitter will be doubled so if you have a strong preference for a certain candidate to make the cover for NHL 14, it would be wise to vote as much as you can then.

The cover vote will conclude in early June.  The game itself will be released on September 1oth in North America and September 13th in Europe.

You can check out the official cover vote trailer released by EA Sports earlier today below.


Who do you want to see on the NHL 14 cover?

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