Recruiting and Coach Skills Highlight NCAA Football 14 Dynasty Mode

The internet seems to be torn about today’s announcement on NCAA Football 14 dynasty mode.  As fans, we expect games with yearly installations to build on the previous version in an effort constantly make a better game.  At the same time, we want improvements and the removal of features we don’t like.

Based on the announcement today, it doesn’t seem as if much has been added to dynasty mode in NCAA 14.  Recruiting has been simplified from something that was fairly in-depth to a simple point allocation system.  From one viewpoint, this is a great addition because it is much less time consuming.  However, other fans are outraged because it was a popular part of the game that required some strategy and thinking.

The other feature touched on in the video this morning was Coach skills being added to this year’s game.  That seems like a feature that was added just to say that they added something as it doesn’t seem to do all that much.

What do you think about the features added to NCAA Football 14 dynasty mode?  Let us know in the comments section.

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