MLB 12 The Show Franchise Details

mlb 12 franchiseWith all of the talk going on about the PS Vita to PS3 cross-platform integration going on, MLB 12 The Show fans may be worried that the franchise mode will be overlooked.  While there aren’t too many huge improvements, there are a few notable changes that will be seen in franchise mode.  One of the biggest changes will be more realistic trades.  The days of ripping off the CPU are over because this year teams will assign much more value to their young prospects.  Also, the trade interface is more detailed than last year’s game which is aimed to help you make smarter moves.

The MLB The Show series has always had a solid franchise mode.  Even though their weren’t lots of changes, the end result should be impressive.  You can check out the full details at the PlayStation blog.  What changes to the MLB 12 franchise mode are you most excited about?