FIFA Street Game Modes

FIFA Street game modes trailer

Arguably the best part about FIFA Street is the variety of different game modes that are available.  Street football/soccer takes many different forms and the guys at EA Sports have incorporated that into the game.  You can choose from game modes such as 5-A-Side, Futsal, Last Man Standing, Panna Rules, or if none of those fit your style you can create a custom match.  In the video below the creative director of FIFA Street, Gary Paterson, goes over what you can expect in the upcoming game.

MLB 2K12 Official Trailer

This year’s MLB 2K12 game is set to come out on March 6th, the same day that MLB 12: The Show is scheduled to be released.  While we have lots of news, screenshots, and trailers about The Show, news on MLB 2K12 has been kept largely a secret.  Today, 2K Sports released their official trailer for MLB 2K12 that includes 90 seconds of actual in-game footage.  Feel free to watch the full trailer and leave your comments below.