NCAA 12 3-4 Predator Blitz

Updated: January 2, 2012

Getting quick pressure with decent coverage is one of the hardest things to accomplish in any football video game and it is no different in NCAA Football 12.  Usually, you can either bring an all out blitz with awful coverage or you can drop 9 guys into coverage and give the opposing quarterback all day to throw.  Neither of those options will help you win.  The play below features good zone coverage and nice pressure off the edge.

Formation: 3-4 Predator

Play: Cover 6


  1. Spread the defensive line
  2. Reblitz the linebacker on the left side of the screen
  3. Take the linebacker in the yellow zone and place him right next to the guy you just reblitzed
  4. Put the defensive end on the right side of the screen in a qb contain
  5. Take the linebacker in the yellow zone and move him to the right side of the screen


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