NCAA Football 12 Patch

ncaa football 12 patch

It looks like another patch will be coming out for NCAA Football 12.  The patch will address the “transfer failed” problem that has caused lots of online dynasties to completely give up on the game.  Apparently, the issue has been identified and the guys over at EA Sports are working on fixing it and putting out a patch soon.  The timing is a little off since the college football season ended earlier this week meaning that the amount of people still playing NCAA Football 12 will start to drop off significantly.

For those of you that are hardcore NCAA Football fans, this is great news although very late.  If they are able to fix the problem now, EA Sports will be able to focus their efforts on other things for next year’s NCAA Football 13 game.  Is there anything else that you hope will be addressed in this patch?  Let us know in the comments section.

NCAA 12 3-4 Predator Blitz

Getting quick pressure with decent coverage is one of the hardest things to accomplish in any football video game and it is no different in NCAA Football 12.  Usually, you can either bring an all out blitz with awful coverage or you can drop 9 guys into coverage and give the opposing quarterback all day to throw.  Neither of those options will help you win.  The play below features good zone coverage and nice pressure off the edge.

Formation: 3-4 Predator

Play: Cover 6


  1. Spread the defensive line
  2. Reblitz the linebacker on the left side of the screen
  3. Take the linebacker in the yellow zone and place him right next to the guy you just reblitzed
  4. Put the defensive end on the right side of the screen in a qb contain
  5. Take the linebacker in the yellow zone and move him to the right side of the screen


3 Most Exciting Players in NCAA 12

One of the biggest weaknesses of the NCAA Football franchise is the inability to implement roster updates throughout the season. In most other sports games, if a player is having an amazing season, it will be reflected in his ratings in the game. So when we break down the 3 most electrifying players in NCAA Football 12 keep in mind that they may not be the most electrifying players in real life.

3. Robert Griffin III – If there were roster updates, he would easily be at #1 overall. The Heisman trophy winner is probably the most electrifying player in college football but that doesn’t give him the crown when it comes to NCAA Football 12. RG3 can do it all but what makes him special is his ability to outrun an entire defense while making it look easy.

2. Jeff Demps – His 99 speed rating makes him easily the fastest player in the game. Unfortunately, the Florida Gators aren’t nearly as good as they have been in past NCAA games so you may not get to use Demps if you want to compete with teams such as Alabama or Oklahoma. Once he gets a step on the defense he is gone.

1. Denard Robinson – Nearly everyone would agree that Denard Robinson is not a top 10 player, but when it comes to the virtual gridiron he is unstoppable. He has good arm strength, passing accuracy and is faster than most running backs and wide receivers. Anyone who has played against Michigan in NCAA 12 knows just how hard it is to slow the guy down. If you come across a good player who is using Michigan, your only hope is to try to knock Robinson out of the game.

Who did we leave off the list that belongs? What other players should be considered for recognition.  Let us know in the comments section.

Beginner NCAA Football 12 Tips

There are a few basic tips that can help you in any football video game and especially NCAA Football 12.  If you follow these simple strategies you notice a significant improvement in NCAA Football 12.

1. Speed Dominates – For some unknown reason, speed is the most important player attribute in almost all sports video games.  In NCAA Football 12 a player like Denard Robinson or Robert Griffin III is much better than someone like Matt Barkley.  The faster your team is, the more big plays you can make.

2. Choose the right defense – Every team has a defensive playbook that they work best with.  Look at your depth chart and choose your playbook accordingly.  This isn’t to say you can’t use your favorite plays in other playbooks, just take into account your team’s personnel.

3. Balance is Key – While it is tempting to blitz every down or throw the ball deep every play, the best gamers know that this is a terrible strategy.  Run a balanced offense.  Mix in some short throws, long throws, runs, and anything else.  It is key not to use 1 player over and over again.  Even though you may have 1 player that stands much better than the others on your team, fight the urge to use him exclusively.