NCAA Football 12 Patch

ncaa football 12 patch

It looks like another patch will be coming out for NCAA Football 12.  The patch will address the “transfer failed” problem that has caused lots of online dynasties to completely give up on the game.  Apparently, the issue has been identified and the guys over at EA Sports are working on fixing it and putting out a patch soon.  The timing is a little off since the college football season ended earlier this week meaning that the amount of people still playing NCAA Football 12 will start to drop off significantly.

For those of you that are hardcore NCAA Football fans, this is great news although very late.  If they are able to fix the problem now, EA Sports will be able to focus their efforts on other things for next year’s NCAA Football 13 game.  Is there anything else that you hope will be addressed in this patch?  Let us know in the comments section.

6 thoughts on “NCAA Football 12 Patch”

  1. We would love the fix and the only thing else that we are missing is chat in dynasty. But fixing the transfer fail is the most important to us. We’ve been involves in the dynasties since the first year online dynasty was available. Thank you.

  2. I would like for the NCAA Football for Xbox360 to keep the players Sta & Position rankings next to thier name throughout thier whole college career so when you look at your roster or the stats section, you can see how your player panned out compared to thier HS recruiting ranking.

  3. Would love if in 2013 you could do an online shared dynasty. By this I mean one person be the OC the other the DC. Don’t know how many people would be into that but I think it could be a cool feature.

  4. The shared dynasty suggestion is a great one! I know several gaming buddies who would enjoy a shared dynasty option. Listen to dawg3fan4 and put this in for the NCAA Football 12.

  5. How bout you fix the real problem most of us keep having. Every time after I played a ranked match going back to the main screen my Xbox says “autosave in progress” but stays stuck on this screen(freezes)!

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