Beginner NCAA Football 12 Tips

There are a few basic tips that can help you in any football video game and especially NCAA Football 12.  If you follow these simple strategies you notice a significant improvement in NCAA Football 12.

1. Speed Dominates – For some unknown reason, speed is the most important player attribute in almost all sports video games.  In NCAA Football 12 a player like Denard Robinson or Robert Griffin III is much better than someone like Matt Barkley.  The faster your team is, the more big plays you can make.

2. Choose the right defense – Every team has a defensive playbook that they work best with.  Look at your depth chart and choose your playbook accordingly.  This isn’t to say you can’t use your favorite plays in other playbooks, just take into account your team’s personnel.

3. Balance is Key – While it is tempting to blitz every down or throw the ball deep every play, the best gamers know that this is a terrible strategy.  Run a balanced offense.  Mix in some short throws, long throws, runs, and anything else.  It is key not to use 1 player over and over again.  Even though you may have 1 player that stands much better than the others on your team, fight the urge to use him exclusively.