Top 5 Madden 12 Players Under 60 Overall

Updated: January 9, 2012
jameson konz in madden 12

Jameson Konz tops our list of the best Madden 12 players under 60 overall.

Every year there are players who can make a huge impact in Madden that get overlooked simply because they have a low overall rating.  Today we are breaking down the top 5 players with ratings below 60 overall in Madden 12.  Using these hidden gems will help you improve and win more Madden games.
5. Brian Witherspoon (Giants CB 56 overall) – This guy has speed to burn.  The ex-Jacksonville Jaguar return man found his way onto the Giants roster this year as a cornerback and return specialist.  His 97 speed ratings coupled with his 96 acceleration makes him extremely dangerous on a cornerback blitz or on special teams.
4. Trindon Holiday (Texans WR 50 overall) – This 5’5″ sensation will keep the defense honest.  When you put him on the field with Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels and Arian Foster, the defense will have to always be aware of the deep ball which opens up the run game and the underneath passes.  You can also use him on kick and punt returns.  Very few others can keep up with his 97 speed and 96 acceleration ratings.
3. Da’Rel Scott (Giants RB 58 overall) – Scott provides a great alternative to Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs.  By now you can probably see the common theme in this list is speed and Da’Rel has plenty of that with a 96 rating.  Find a way to get him on the field and you will not be disappointed.
2. Dontay Moch (Bengals LOLB 59 overall) – Dontay Moch often gets lost in the Bengals stellar Madden defense.  He is the perfect linebacker to manually control with his 93 jump, 91 speed, and 92 acceleration ratings.  His only significant downfall is the 48 awareness statistic which becomes irrelevant when user controlled.  The man is a monster rushing the quarterback and is one of the best defenders in Madden 12 when used correctly.
1. Jameson Konz (Seahawks LE 52 overall) – This defensive end has statistics like a wide receiver: 90 speed, 67 catch, 69 spectacular catch and 96 jump.  You can manually rush him or drop him back into coverage which will lead to confusion from the offense.  Konz is relatively unknown but should be absolutely feared in Madden.
Which players do you think should be on this list that were left off?  What incoming rookies do you think will have great stats in next year’s Madden 13 game?

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