NBA 2k12 Roster Update #9

nba 2k12 roster update 9The ninth roster update for NBA 2k12 is now available.  Some of the notable updates include the addition of Andrew Bynum to the Lakers after his suspension and Keith Smart as the Kings coach.  Many of the second round picks that weren’t included in previous updates have now been added to the game.  However, there are still a few rookies missing.  Some players who have been part of their teams the whole season can not yet be used online because they are listed as reserves.

Michael Redd has joined the Phoenix Suns, Mickeal Pietrus has been added to the Boston Celtics, and Jeremy Lin is now on the New York Knicks.  What do you think is missing from this roster update?  Let us know in the comments section.

5 thoughts on “NBA 2k12 Roster Update #9”

  1. Man they made us wait for like 2 weeks and then they didn’t even get the rosters right. Whatsup with that?

  2. DeAndre Jordan is number 6 for the Clippers. They still don’t have the T’wolves alt black jersey and the Hornets alt yellow jersey. Makes me mad, but not a bad life if im mad about video games

  3. This is where EA/ NBA LIVE is much better than NBA2K. Also 2K servers suck big time compared to EA’s. 2K servers are always down. It has always been like this for 2K. Why? I don’t know… Maybe it’s just plain LAZINESS…..

  4. you need kyrie irving #2 from the cavs, you need to put the EL MAGIC jersey,have pregame streches, go in the locker room and see the coach motavating the team,bring back jordan shoes,have the mascots do funny stuff, have a pregame show,derek fisher with the thunder,lamar odom with the mavs,cp3 with the clippers,have more jerseys for create a team or create a jersey,have the spurs were the chaps jerseys,the clippers to wear the stars jerseys,the heat to wear the floridans jersey, Denver Nuggets (to wear their 1975-76 ABA home uniform),Indiana Pacers (to wear their 1971-74 ABA road uniform),New Jersey Nets (to wear their 1972-76 ABA road uniform from the New York Nets),Memphis Grizzlies (to wear the uniform of the 1972-74 Memphis Tams),Charlotte Bobcats (to wear the home uniform of the 1969-71 Carolina Cougars),Minnesota Timberwolves (to wear the home uniform of the 1967-68 Minnesota Muskies),raptors army night jersey,have the nueva york jersey,los bulls,los mavs,reflex jerseys,have all of the all star jerseys, chicago bulls soul swingman alternate jersey,1984 chicago bulls authentic road jersey, have create a shoe mode, and you should put all this stuff on the wii.

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