NBA Jam: On Fire Will Receive Roster Updates After All

Updated: January 17, 2012

nba jam on fireOne of the biggest announcements about NBA Jam: On Fire was that it would include roster updates.  The game was released back in October while the NBA lockout was still going on and 3 months later there are still no roster updates and until today no word from EA Sports on the matter.   Prominent media outlets such as Kotaku and PastaPadre as well as many angry customers had requested a response concerning the lack of roster updates. Kotaku received confirmation earlier today that there will in fact be a roster update for NBA Jam: On Fire.

The 2 on 2 arcade game is available for download on the PS3 and the XBOX 360.  There is no official word yet on when the roster update will be coming or how often they will be.  Are you more likely to purchase NBA Jam now that you know there will be roster updates?

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