Final Madden 12 Roster Update Coming Next Week

For the last 5 months, Madden 12 fans have associated Friday with a new roster update on their PlayStation 3’s or XBOX 360’s.  EA Sports has decided to skip this week and launch the final roster update next week.  The update will include player increases and decreaes based on performance in the Super Bowl but also a lot of general maintanence with putting injured players back into the lineup and getting all the rosters exactly how they should be to get us to Madden 13.

For those of you that play online franchise, there will also be a roster update coming to that game mode so if you are thinking of starting up a new online franchise, it would be wise to wait until next week’s roster update before you start it up.  EA Sports has done a fantastic job of sticking to consistent roster updates this year which lots of Madden fans are very grateful for.  When the full details of the update come out, you will be able to find it at VG Strategy.

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