NBA 2K12 Trade Deadline Roster Update

nba 2k12 roster update

The NBA trade deadline has come and pasted with a lot of minor moves taking place.  A roster update for NBA 2K12 was released today to move players to the right teams.  For some reason Gerald Green is still missing from the Nets roster and Anthony Carter is not on the Pacers roster but everything else looks good.  You can see a list of the major moves below:

Bucks Roster Includes: G Monta Ellis, F-C Ekpe Udoh, C Kwame Brown
Warriors Roster Includes: C Andrew Bogut, SF Richard Jefferson
Wizards Roster Includes: C Nene, F Brian Cook
Nuggets Roster Includes: C JaVale McGee, F-C Ronny Turiaf
Clippers Roster Includes: G-F Nick Young
Sixers Roster Includes: G/F Sam Young
Pacers Roster Includes: G Leandro Barbosa
Lakers Roster Includes: PG Ramon Sessions, SF Christian Eyenga, PF Jordan Hill
Cavaliers Roster Includes: SF Luke Walton
Nets Roster Includes: F Gerald Wallace
Trail Blazers Roster Includes: C Mehmet Okur, F Shawne Williams, C Hasheem Thabeet, G Jonny Flynn
Spurs Roster Includes: G-F Stephen Jackson
Rockets Roster Includes: C Marcus Camby, PG Derek Fisher

NBA 2K12 Roster Update 3-9-12

nb 2k12 roster update

A new roster update for NBA 2K12 arrived earlier today.  While there were some significant changes in the update, there are still a few players that were left out.  Gerald Green is still nowhere to be found.  Heat fans will love this update while fans of every other team will hate it.  LeBron James has achieved the coveted 99 overall rating which makes the Miami Heat even more of a nightmare to play.  Below are a few other notable changes.

Gerald Wallace decreased 83 to 81
Kenneth Faried increased 70 to 72
Kevin Durant increased 93 to 94

Who do you think deserves an increase or decrease in the next update?

NBA 2K12 Roster Update 3-2-2012

nba 2k12 3-2-12 roster update

2K Sports has released another roster update for the only sim basketball video game on the market this year, NBA 2K12.  This update signals that they are back on the road of consistent roster updates after the long break were they were trying to address the PlayStation 3 loading problem which many users still are having trouble with.  Listed below are some of the notable changes in this roster update.

Dwyane Wade went down 96-95
Paul Milsap went up 80-82
Demarcus Cousins went up 71-78
Tyreke Evans went up 76-80
Deron Williams went down 88-87

FIFA 12 Roster Update Available

fifa 12 transfers update

EA Sports has released the latest FIFA 12 roster update that you can now download on your XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 or PC. This update includes all of the transfers made in January.  Their are too many players moving around to list one by one but if you log into your console and download the update you will be able to find the important transfers.

In other news, FIFA Football is now available for the PlayStation Vita.  If you choose to purchase that game you will be able to get the latest transfers in your roster update as well.  You can download it automatically by entering into a head to head match on your PS Vita.

NBA 2K12 “Jeremy Lin” Update

nba 2k12 lin updateNBA 2K12 has released it’s latest roster update which we are referring to as the “Jeremy Lin” update.  After leading the Knicks to an undefeated record while playing without Caremlo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, JLin was only given a 69 overall rating.  If his dominant play maintains over the next few weeks, there is no question that he will be around an 80 overall in the next update.  The roster update is now live on both XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3.  Do you think a 69 overall rating for Jeremy Lin is fair?  Let us know in the comments section.

NBA 2K12 Roster Update Incoming

Earlier today NBA 2K12 community manager Ronnie 2K revealed via twitter that another NBA 2K12 roster update is on its way out to both PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 within 48 hours.  There is still no word on Jeremy Lin’s ratings but our users have been leaving their suggestions in our Tim Tebow vs. Jeremy Lin ratings article.  Hopefully the release of this update means that the freezing issue that had been troubling some PS3 users over the last few days has been all fixed up.  Which players other than Jeremy Lin deserve the biggest ratings boost?