NBA 2K12 Roster Update 3-9-12

nb 2k12 roster update

A new roster update for NBA 2K12 arrived earlier today.  While there were some significant changes in the update, there are still a few players that were left out.  Gerald Green is still nowhere to be found.  Heat fans will love this update while fans of every other team will hate it.  LeBron James has achieved the coveted 99 overall rating which makes the Miami Heat even more of a nightmare to play.  Below are a few other notable changes.

Gerald Wallace decreased 83 to 81
Kenneth Faried increased 70 to 72
Kevin Durant increased 93 to 94

Who do you think deserves an increase or decrease in the next update?

4 thoughts on “NBA 2K12 Roster Update 3-9-12”

  1. Jarod jeffries should be raised, knicks cant win with out him. LIN stays or goes down a few. Still waiting for Jerome Jordan. Shumpert should go up. Tony Douglas goes down. Stat is way too good defensively in the game, in real life he is a horrible help defender. Right now the best knicks on a consistent basis are shump, jarod jeffries, and Tyson Chandler. Also josh harrelson is a pretty good post defender, gets rebounds but gives up alot of offensive reboumds too.

  2. Lebron is 2 to 4 points higher than anyone else in the league. But not as good as Jordan. If 1998 jordsn was a 94, than 1993 Jordan was a 96. And 1990 jordan was a 100. Lebron is not as good as 1998 Jordan. But he is close. at least Athletically he is close. he can take over a game like jordan. But Jordan refused to lose, like Kobe, only x10. Jordan was unstoppable, even when teams tripple and quadruple teamed him. Mentally Jordan was way better. He was smarter. He had to deal with way more physical defensive rules. Lebron is as good right now as Kobe was at his prime. Just a hell of a lot less selfish. The best center I have seen in my thirty years was the dream. But behind Jordan I never saw a player dominate more than shaq did. I still believe shaq was better than Kobe, he was just too physically big for his body to allow for the same kind

  3. the same kind of longevity. Kobe has lost a lot of games for the lakers with his ball 4th quarter shots. Dwade Is the third best sg of all time. Better than Kobe is now, but not as good as LBJ .
    Dwight may be second most dominant player in league, he alone will get a team 50 wins a season. Him and labron are the only players in the leage who can do this. Durrant cant, rose cant, we all know dwade sure as hell cant. Kobe cant anymore. Those 2 are 2 best players in lleague. And personally I think westbrook is as good as rose, or right behind him. And melo is no longer a top ten player, he is lucky if he makes the top 25, thiugh he has been hurt all season. I think rondo is under alomg with Dwight. Kobe is rated too high along with cp3 and rose. But I honestly think simce labron is a 99 compared to the rest of the league, and lsbron is worse than Jordan wilt and early Kareem(may be others on this list) I think u guys should lower every single person in the NBA by 3 to 5 points. its about creating an accurate historical context

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