NBA 2K12 “Jeremy Lin” Update

nba 2k12 lin updateNBA 2K12 has released it’s latest roster update which we are referring to as the “Jeremy Lin” update.  After leading the Knicks to an undefeated record while playing without Caremlo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, JLin was only given a 69 overall rating.  If his dominant play maintains over the next few weeks, there is no question that he will be around an 80 overall in the next update.  The roster update is now live on both XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3.  Do you think a 69 overall rating for Jeremy Lin is fair?  Let us know in the comments section.

10 thoughts on “NBA 2K12 “Jeremy Lin” Update”

  1. jeremy lin should be rated at least a 90 because how dominate he is on the court and how much of a LINspiration he is

  2. I agree with the hesitation to put him at an 80, I had made him as a 73, i think 69 is a little low, but its more realistic at this point than an 85. Thus far he has been consistent, smart, clutch, and unexplainably dominant. But the that is not what has made him good. Here is the main reason why i think he is above a 69. Before Lin had that triple double in the D League, the knicks had lost 10 of 12, they were getting booed at the garden every night. things seemed hopeless. They were not a team, just a bunch of individuals trying to win games by themselves. THEN their two stars go out, and it seemed like they would lose another 10 of 12. ENTER J LIN. . . . forget his individual play, He came in and GOT THE KNICKS TO PLAY AS A TEAM. Lin came in and MADE EVERYONE AROUND HIM BETTER. Lin came in and THE KNICKS WIN 7 STRAIGHT. Lin turned a disfunctional team on the verge of self destruction into a close knit family with great chemistry. Lin has the ball moving on offense like never before. Players around him are playing up to their potential. And players around him are playing twice as hard as before, he has them MOTIVATED and pushing as hard as they can on every posession. JEREMY LIN HAS STEPPED OUT OF NO WHERE TO BECOME THE LEADER OF THE NYKs, AND HAS THAT TEAM PLAYING THE BEST BASKETBALL THAT THEY HAVE PLAYED SINCE LAST YEAR IN DECEMBER, MAYBE SINCE THE EARLY 2000s.

  3. Thus far JEREMY LIN has outplayed:
    1. Deron williams
    2. Devon Harris
    3. John Wall
    4. Derrick fisher
    5. Ricky Rubio
    6. Jose Calderon( while Jose was on the best streak of his life)

    JEREMY LIN almost outplayed:
    1. Kobe bryant
    2. Tyreke Evans

    JEREMY LIN played well agaist: RONDO

    JEREMY LIN had triple double in d-league and made Jarome Jordan look like an allstar. JAROME WHO???????????????

  4. At least 87-94 because at the court he spins 360 degrees and 79 miles per hour when he spins. He has a 50 degree angle shot, releases at 1.47 seconds, and runs a 3-5 on a 30-40 yard dash. for more news of him is on or And I think he has his own site mmmmmmmmmmmmm……………..I dont know!

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