PS3 NBA 2K12 Patch Arrives

nba 2k12 patch arrives

Over the last few weeks, there has been widespread freezing problem for NBA 2K12 fans who play on the PlayStation 3.  After booting up NBA 2K12, many users would see their game freeze up and lock them out.  2K Sports announced a temporary manually fix where users would have to delete some of their files just for the game to start.

A patch to permanently fix the loading problem was released yesterday.  NBA 2K12 should now work perfectly for all PlayStation 3 users.  If you are still having trouble, leave a comment below and I will relay it on to the community manager for NBA 2K12, Ronnie 2K.

81 thoughts on “PS3 NBA 2K12 Patch Arrives”

  1. My game loads up and everything, but freezes when i wan’t to start a new My Player. It seems that after you start the game the second time (after all the roster and shoe updates load up), is where the freezes start. before, when i played my my player, it would always freeze after the commentary would glitch out and stop. Now it won’t even open modes, it just freezes on the load screens.

    1. my game keeps doing the same thing commentary stops and player holds the ball and cant play what shold I do gamestop in my area wont take the game cause it is useless

  2. After the patch, there are no more freezing problems when loading, however, now I cannot start games with friends online (i.e. there is no Start button in my locker room once my invited friend shows up).

  3. Once I start playing in my player mode, the commentary just stops then freezes. Also my player shoes are sometimes white.

  4. Patch 1.05 does not fix freeze ….game continues freeze at load screens , start up , edit players .. Will not buy any 2k products from here on….

  5. 1.05 fix doesn’t work. PS3 still will not load patch 1.05. game continues to freeze at load and startup. screen goes black and PS3 reboots.

  6. The game still freezes no fix at all please send me my money back or fix it next time my game freeze Ronnie I’m go find you stick this game up your ass and twist it lol

  7. The update doesn’t work for me either. It freezes at the loading screen, but most of the time it freezes at halftime.

  8. Love 2K until now. Bought this game on faith that even if the NBA lock out occurred – would enjoy it. 2K12 used to freeze at start up. Now – even after the most recent patch (and yes I deleted all my data and started all over) – the game will play for a bit – then will “stick”. This is different from freezing – the players still move but the ref will hold the ball or the players will stand in a huddle during a time out and never come out of it. Half time is a joke – the players walk off the court and then I get to stay there….just like a real fan! Horrible – f minus. Very unhappy and frustrated that 60.00 went down the drain.

  9. It either says file load complete and stays there still floating around the background of Jordan…..or if I’m lucky after deleting and installing for over the 30th time after deleting the files it’ll MAYBE let me get as far as to get to my home screen but without NBA today being able to synchronize. If I’m blessed it will let me match up with someone for a game but once I pick my team that’s it I have to shut my ps3 down the wrong way which I’m sure after so many times is going to wreck the system so what’s the consolation since 2k has failed miserably? I haven’t been able to play in over a month I deserve $60.00 or after my ps3 is fried by your game I think I’d deserve a replacement ps3 so I can continue to play sorry Madden which I had to go back to after praising 2k12 since I purchased it and completely quit playing Madden for how terrible it is now I’m thankful for it, so if EA is making you look bad how about getting back to your consumers with suggestions,compensation,or not leave them on hold 20 minutes just to let it ring once and disconnect. Have some decency. You’re a million or maybe billion dollar company and we pay top dollar for this,can’t sell it back for more than enough for a stick of toothpaste and can’t even get a tech support to reply online or take a call. You people k ow you owe us .

  10. Should’ve bought a new ps3 controller which you know will wear out but never thought I’d get less life out of 2k12 what a waste, this game is eventually going to ruin my ps3 a controller won’t. I think 2k is satisfied with having what they consider the majority of people who had the data utility “workaround” work for them until this do called patch they released worked for others that they’re done working on anymore solutions and using the “majority rules” attitude towards the issue. I don’t see this getting any further. We all deserve compensation weather a free copy of 2k13 or a PS3 controller which I chose this game over


    1. You could stick a pencil into a watermelon and play ring toss with it… that would be a lot more fun than going thru 8 hours of rebooting and checking settings then finally thought my system was screwed and system restore which took 5 hours. then loaded game and that same crap happened. I feel like my butt got raped by the staff at 2ksports and then the had Kobe Bryant come get the last ride…

  12. 2k12 is getting ridiculous all this freezing up go make alot people not even buy the game no more i deleted all my files twice and the problem still exists…

  13. Problems still exist and this is so disappointing. Ive bought this game every year since dream cast. I can’t believe the game is unplayable. I can’t believe I have to cut my play station off the wrong way EVERYTIME I put this game in. I can’t believe these guys can’t fix a fucking freeze issue. Most people will say they will never buy this game again and then buy 2k13. Not me. If they don’t find a fix I’m just going to continue to play madden. Im just going to buy a new call of duty game. Im going to just find another game to replace this game and focus my time and money else where. If Nba Live still exist I would just play that even though it sucked. At least I would be playing something. I just don’t see how they can’t fix these freezing issues. I basically handed you 60 dollars and you said thanks. Fuck you later.

  14. The V1.05 does not fix anything, my game still freezes.. I can manage to play one game and then it freezes on me.. Players have black arms, players faces don’t load in the rosters screen.. It’s frustrating. I’ve tried deleting that crap in game data utility yet still no change. Very disappointed!!!

  15. Bring this back to Gamestop 2nite and picking up MLB The Show 12. Been waiting a long time for this freezing issue to get fixed but still nothing. I go to My Player (freeze), go online (freeze), etc…sick of it, waist of 60 bucks!

  16. What patch? It still doesn’t work. Is there a new update that I need to download or is this patch automatic? Today’s date is 3/7/12. Game was freezing at the beginning of the game when it’s loading setting/roster/etc. Now it is freezing at matchup screen right before a game (not online) After we select our teams it freezes and the players never hit the court. But I assume if the game did start it would probably freeze by mid quarter. I need my money back. 2k11 had a few issues similar to this but not this bad. Please help. I need advice on how to get it to work. All my other games work fine.

  17. It has gotten so bad, GameStop told me today they would rather not sell me a copy and would not take any tradeins for the game. That is bad when the stores are bailing.

  18. I deleted both the game data utility files and was able to play everything when I was connected to the internet. Now that I’m unable to connect to the internet to get any updates, I can’t even get past the intro when kurtis blow is saying “basketball is….” during the start-up song without it freezing. Can somebody please upload the game data utility patch from like a site so that i could manually update it instead via phone? Thanks in advance to whomever.

  19. Have not been able to play in over a month. Thought to myself FINALLY the patch is here but no the patch does not solve the problem. I work hard for my money and will never spend it on a 2k product again. Game Stop wont even let me trade the thing.

  20. After a few minutes the pa announcers stop speaking and music stop (crowd still active). The effect of this is the game will freeze at the end of the 2nd QT, or when someone has a monster dunk. This will happen about 80% of the time. When your lucky you’ll win the game and then when you select “quit” to move on… IT FREEZES! With this happening it is impossible to make progress in My Player, CAL, Online Matches, and even offline Quick Games. This has been happening to me since January 2012. I’ve tried deleting 2k12 data, I’ve downloaded new updates, and nothing works. My PS3 works fine with other games, and my 2k12 disk is flawless. I don’t know what it could be but I hope someone fixes this.

  21. Deleted everything possible still freezes everytime or says cant load trophy configuration or something downloaded patch and all either way I want my fricking money back we collectivly as consumers should be compensated in some fashion this is absolutely rediculous what ever happened to the customer being right this isn’t eggs and Bacon this is 60 bucks and its not an isolated thing its obviously very much a big problem if u can’t even trade it in for less than half the value at gamestop 2k12. Owes alot of ppl 60.00 this is a disgrace to gamers period they should be forced to compensate some way they are just selling games with no trade in value with no fix to the problem that they already admitted need a path complete bullshit

    1. I always knew 2k was a piece of shit i wanted live to come back but i could nt wait any longer So i wasted 60 bucks on a gm that freezes , start when it wants to , fucks up ur ps3 . I made a very bad choice and will learn from my mistakes.

      1. me too…this game is epic but they ruined it so easely! i usually don’t buy sport’s games but it really was a hit right in my balls, and not only mine as i can see! nba 2k13 will not see my bucks for sure if they won’t solve that f****** issue quickly once and for all.
        And THAT from Italy! .-.

  22. NBA2k12 is the only game I play on my PS3- and it freezes up all the freaking time- at first I thought it was the game utility. I deleted those and maybe got in one complete game in like 15 trys. Then I thought it was my connection speed. I upgraded to 30MPS and still no dice. I reformatted my HD and bought a disc cleaner- still fucking freezes. My other games play perfectly but why not NBA2k12? All I wanna do is bust a lil ass online, is that too much to ask?

  23. Funny , I never encountered problems with my 2k12 except a couple of times when i was in OT and won and the game freezes that’s all and i play all modes. It’s still v 1.04 since im lazy to update lol.

  24. 2 months since this thread started and “Ronnie2k” hasnt done or said anything. What a disgrace. WTF ever happened to quality control?? Please fix this, i really want to like this game, you 2kers are making it awful tough though.

  25. I’ve never had any issues until today when I turned on my NBA 2k12 and found that my My Player had been completely deleted… 70 some odd games of 12 minutes quarters where I was fight LeBron for MVP honours playing for the Suns and had them tied for first.. Yeah. Pissed.

  26. 2k needs to give my money or something now I wish EA would bring back a b ball game this is a waste of moneyed

  27. I deleted all my game utilities like you said and it still freezes at File Completed With Michael Jordan in the backround.

  28. Just got mine yesterday. Sticks at black screen after ps move screen. Doesnt even get to start menu. Please fix soon

  29. I used to paly with a friend that lives in Greece. I live in Spain. He connects perfectly but I cannot connect as nbatoday fails and also sync.

    IS there a solution¿?

  30. This game is amazing but the freezing is a total joke. Im in my 2nd season in the conference finals and i cant get past game 2 without it freezing. I’ve tried everything that anyine has mentioned on loads of forums and nothing will work. Majourly pissed off that ive wasted numerous hours playing through my player and it will probably never work again. I will not be buying any 2k products again because of this

  31. Wow!!! its a damm shame that all these comments relate to one another. Im having same problems as everyone else. I’m VERY PISSED off because i cant play one of my favorite games anymore because of the freezing, taking to long to load, and having to delete game data files just to see that it still does not work. No More 2K for me. It sucks that i have to put away my favorite game just because 2K wants to half ass and rip 2K fans away from their hard earned money. Guess 2K13 will be the same way but i wouldn’t know. Im done, UNLESS you give me my money back from this waste of time i put into the DAMM GAME!!!!!

  32. when i start the game it plays the song and freezes in the middle of it. i deleted all of my 2k12 files in the game utility and the other one and it still freezes its really ticking me off

  33. My problem for NBA 2k12 is simply this- Yesterday 2k was down for the like the whole day then after that weird stuff started to happen around the afternoon after 2k was up i tried to play team up with my friend on my PlayStation 3 he invites i join the match then the start button disappears out of know where every match i join there start button disappears i would surely appreciate if you would tell me what to do and another thing please don’t tell me i have to delete everything i worked extremely too hard to get up in my ranking . It just ticks me off so much how u guys (2k Sports) lie u claim 2k works perfectly after the 1st weeks of construction after the release then its June 2012 and before this i was lagged out games the online games were freezing of all thing your network is something you really need to work on!

  34. Play with friend does not work the start button that popped up on the bottom right won’t pop up what’s the deal with this

  35. I have no freezing but now i cant play with friends because the start button disapears really need help

  36. i did it all the steps to fix my nba 2k12 into the freezes but still freezing before and after the 1st quarter. i’m so frustating already. i hope one of the 2k gamer will help my problems 🙁

  37. Let me start off by saying this… ever since I have started buying my own video games on my own dime I have been an avid 2K fan. Ever since I played 2K7 at a friends houseand realized the real simulation I have enjoyed it. Now let me say this… I played 2K12 for the My Player mode only because I live alone and don’t really enjoy exhibition games by myself and online is not enjoyable at all because of the lagging responsiveness between the controls and the game (I always feel like I have to play 2seconds ahead of the actual game). Back to the point, I really enjoy the RPG feel mixed with sports My Player gives you. That said, I have logged easily over 1500+ hours into My Player mode. I wanted to play 2K12 as close to real as possible so that meant no simulating games and playing 10 minute quarters. Out of three seasons I simulated only 5 games. I also committed to playing enough seasons to make a Hall of Fame bid. I say all this in order to lead up to this… I hace just lost my entire files, including back up files

  38. Im trying to type on a phone in order to vent this out before I lose it, the reason for all the errors. Any way, My Player was to me what WoW is to other gamers and I feel like I just lost my entire account all to one dumb fucking mistake… I decided to play “The Greats” mode cor the first time since I bought this game back in October. The first time! Immediately after, everything went to shit! My Player edit mode froze, I couldn’t play past the 2nd quarter and I couldnt edit anything. After restarting my PS3 the fourth time I get the message “There is NO saved file”. Just like that, all my hours of playing into the early morning, hours I shouldve spent resting for class the next day or studying or writing or with my friend my girlfriend… all those hours I spent tolling away to reach a virtual goal because it brought peace and joy when I could get lost behind a virtual figure that I would myself try and imitate on a real court… all of that GONE in one instant all because of a glitch, something I didnt even know existed in this game. After GOOGLING this I see this has been a problem for many a world wide and I am not the only ine affected. Well 2K, I hope this reaches you in some way and you feel my hurt and disappointment and that even though I know it wont affect you because people will still buy your games regardless, I want you to know you have ruined basketball gaming for a loyal fan of yours for years and never again will a 2K sports game enter my PS3 or any future console I own. Never again will I recommed or buy multiple copies to give away to close relatives. From now on my only basketball fix will come from the real NBA season and my time spent on a real court. You guys have lost a loyal fan forever. Thanks for ruining

  39. Ruining the one sports game release I lookex forward to once a year. Im off to give my gamingtime time to Madden and 3rd person platforms.

  40. so its not just me been trying to play in my season and it loads all the way to the starting lineups and defensive assignments then black screen nothing tried 20 times 40 different things well back to madden lol

  41. I just got nba 2k12 and i cant even play it. When it gets to the main menu it says unable to install the trophy configuration data on the hdd! What the hell do i do? Dis is bullshit. And i downloaded the newest update and still nothing! Help meeeeee!!!!

  42. my 2k won’t let me play with friends online I can invite them but it won’t let me start the game

  43. i cant play locker room games with friends, it takes like 15mins. for me to find quick match, i cant get more than people when i play quick team up and besides only getting 4 IT TAKES FOREVER TO GET THOSE FOUR PLAYERS. and the ones that have mics tell me when i talk to them that they have the same problems. so i can only get games with people who this is happening to too. PLEASE TELL MME HOW TO FIX THIS.

  44. because whenever i purchase something i expect it too work, but if i buy NBA 2K12 something gr8 better happen…

  45. still having trouble starting a game from an invite on the ps3. It’s been doing that every time I send or receive an invite from a friend. After they accept the invite, there’s no other options to choose from to start the game. How do I solve this?

  46. my 2k12 freezes after i do a monster dunk , after half time, and ican never finish my player 1st game because it frezzes when i want to quit

  47. when i invite a friend to the locker room to play game the start button is no longer there so we cant play a game . is there anyway to fix it

  48. here are my issues. when i first started playin i went 3 straight seasons,from rookie,winning the championship all three times. then i decided to actually make a player looking like me and started over and as soon as i won the finals and the award ceremony finished. it froze. kept it on for 2 days and still nothing. then suddenly,let’s say over the pass 2 weeks or so the audio jus vanishes,i thought it was a short in the wiring or my surround sound speakers were bad but seeing as so much ppl have encountered this problem i’m concerned. i really love this game and i dont wanna have to take it out back and shoot it, if anyone can help me p[lease email me some suggestions or answers. thanks alot

  49. Game freezes when they show you the upcoming games for your team. It never fails to do so. And most of the time I’m in the fourth quarter also.

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