MLB 2K12 Demo Arrives Next Week

mlb 2k12 demo release date

The MLB 2K12 demo will arrive on Tuesday, February 28th on both the XBOX 360 and the PlayStation 3.  Those who download the demo will be able to play in a World Series rematch of the Texas Rangers vs. the St. Louis Cardinals (but only for 3 innings). This is a giant leap forward for MLB 2K12.  They haven’t released too much information regarding their upcoming game but by releasing the demo, they allow fans to decide for themselves.

We still haven’t heard any news about a possible MLB 12: The Show demo.  It could be that SCEA feels that they have done a good enough job on previous games to establish credibility so they see no need to put a demo out.  If the MLB 2K12 demo is any good and there isn’t a MLB 12: The Show demo, some bargain hunting fans may decide to purchase the NBA/MLB 2K12 combo pack from Amazon for only $69.99.

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