MLB 12: The Show Demo Playable At Best Buy

mlb 12 the show demo at best buy

While it hasn’t been confirmed by SCEA, all signs point to having no pre-release demo for MLB 12: The Show.  However some Best Buy stores do have playable MLB 12: The Show kiosks where you can take the game for a test run.  This doesn’t come as a big surprise since SCEA and Best Buy have worked together before doing a similar exclusive deal for the MLB 10: The Show demo.

Many fans would prefer the opportunity to try the game out from the comfort of their own home instead of having to travel to their local Best Buy.  Even so, it appears that right now only select Best Buy’s are stocked with the kiosks that allow you to play The Show so call your store and ask before you make the trip.  Will you go and give the demo a try or is it too much of a hassle?

UPDATE: Just to clarify, you can play the full game at Best Buy although technically it is still a “demo” since you are just giving it a try and can’t buy it.

1 thought on “MLB 12: The Show Demo Playable At Best Buy”

  1. This is bull… and this is what makes me sick about corporations, its all about the money. The consumers get very little respect when it comes to money, SCEA most likely struck a nice deal with Best Buy, with Best Buy thinking “If we have the game out for display, customers will preorder it right then and there.” I know MLB 12 is going to be a solid game, thats a given. I wouldve just liked the opportunity to see a demo to feel the difference in the game. Instead, I either have to get really lucky if the Best Buy near me has the game for display, or just wait till release date without a demo like the old days when their wasnt any online gaming services. All in all, SCEA have done a pretty poor advertising job on this new game. I would have loved to see more gameplay videos due to the fact that a pre release demo isnt going to happen. Well, I guess its kind of a breath of fresh air since MLB 2K12 has made absolutely no effort on advertising gameplay or anything, yet the demo is dropping on Tuesday. Im sorry for being blunt but, that game went downhill once 2K got greedy and bought up the MLB license from EA. MVP was the god of console baseball in its prime. I could only imagine what kind of game we wouldve had today, if EA was still publishing MVP. The same goes for EA buying the NFL license, Monopolizing sucks because it destroys competition, which causes a diminishing effect on the attitudes of companies to go above and beyond for the customers.

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