FIFA Street Demo Available

fifa street demo available

The demo for FIFA Street hit both PlayStation Network and XBOX Live this morning.  The demo is fairly large at 1.89 GB but has a lot of features including 5-a-side mode, create-a-player,  practice mode, and a friendly match. You can choose from four teams: Manchester City, Milan, Adidas All-Stars, and Street Swirl.

FIFA Street hits stores on March 13th in the United States and March 16th in the U.K. What are your impressions of the demo so far?

MLB 12: The Show Demo Playable At Best Buy

mlb 12 the show demo at best buy

While it hasn’t been confirmed by SCEA, all signs point to having no pre-release demo for MLB 12: The Show.  However some Best Buy stores do have playable MLB 12: The Show kiosks where you can take the game for a test run.  This doesn’t come as a big surprise since SCEA and Best Buy have worked together before doing a similar exclusive deal for the MLB 10: The Show demo.

Many fans would prefer the opportunity to try the game out from the comfort of their own home instead of having to travel to their local Best Buy.  Even so, it appears that right now only select Best Buy’s are stocked with the kiosks that allow you to play The Show so call your store and ask before you make the trip.  Will you go and give the demo a try or is it too much of a hassle?

UPDATE: Just to clarify, you can play the full game at Best Buy although technically it is still a “demo” since you are just giving it a try and can’t buy it.

Will There Be An MLB 12: The Show Demo?

mlb 12 the show demo release date

With under 2 weeks until MLB 12: The Show hits stores, there is still no word from SCEA or Sony on a release date for the demo.  At this point many fans are speculating that there will not be a pre-release demo at all.  If in fact there is no demo, it sends a very negative signal to baseball video game fans.  There is still a very real possibility that the demo will be released next week.

The Show’s main competitor, MLB 2K12, has been even quieter about the possibility of a demo for their game.  Other than the Kate Upton video, the $1 million dollar perfect game competition, and a 5 point feature list, we don’t know anything about MLB 2K12.  When put against 2K12, MLB 12 The Show can’t do any wrong but not releasing a demo would really hurt the ability to expand their fan base.

FIFA Street Demo Release Date

FIFA Steet demo release date

The FIFA Street demo will be coming to XBOX Live and PlayStation Network on February 28th.  The official release date for the full FIFA Street game is still set for March 13th in the United States and March 16th in Europe.  There is still no word on what features or game modes will be included in the FIFA Street demo.  We do know that if you bought the EA Sports season ticket, you will be able to play the game 3 days before the official release date.

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UFC Undisputed 3 Demo Now Out!

ufc undisputed 3 demo

The UFC Undisputed 3 demo is now live on XBOX live and PSN.  After a long wait without any new UFC games, mixed martial arts gamers finally have a new game to try out.  The demo includes 4 playable fighters; Wanderlei Silva, Jon Jones, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Anderson Silva.  You will be able to compete in the standard exhibition mode as well as the much anticipated PRIDE mode.

Leave your thoughts and impressions on the UFC Undisputed 3 demo in our comments section below.