MLB 12: The Show Team Ratings

mlb 12 team rankings

The rankings for each team in MLB 12 The Show have been released.  Below you can find all 30 MLB teams ratings in overall, hitting, pitching, and defense.  The New York Yankees are listed as the top overall team while Astros are considered the worst.  In related news, it was confirmed today that there will be no demo for MLB 12 The Show as we speculated yesterday.

Hitting Pitching Defense
Rangers Yankees Yankees
2 Rangers Red Sox Giants Red Sox
3 Phillies Phillies Phillies Angels
4 Tigers Yankees Braves Phillies
5 Red Sox Tigers Marlins Rangers
6 Cardinals Rockies Tigers Dodgers
7 Angels Blue Jays Reds Diamondbacks
8 Diamondbacks Cardinals Rays Reds
9 Braves Diamondbacks Brewers Rays
10 Blue Jays Angels Angels Orioles
11 Reds Reds Nationals Brewers
12 Giants Brewers Cardinals Rockies
13 Marlines Braces Diamondbacks Cardinals
14 Brewers Orioles Rangers Twins
15 Nationals Nationals Red Sox Padres
16 Rays Marlins Dodgers Tigers
17 Dodgers Indians Blue Jays Blue Jays
18 Rockies Rays White Sox Mariners
19 Indians Giants Indians Cubs
20 White Sox Dodgers Royals Royals
21 Royals White Sox Mets Indians
22 Orioles Cubs Mariners Braves
23 Cubs Padres A’s Giants
24 Padres Royals Cubs Pirates
25 A’s A’s Padres Astros
26 Mets Mariners Twiners Nationals
27 Mariners Pirates Pirates Marlins
28 Twins Twins Rockies A’s
29 Pirates Mets Orioles White Sox
30 Astros Astros Astros Mets


12 thoughts on “MLB 12: The Show Team Ratings”

  1. No way the Marlins are 5th in pitching and the Nationals are not a bottom 5 team in defense. Keep on sleeping. lol @ the Orioles being top 10 in any category!

  2. this year the yankees will be wearing their new gay pride and gay rights uniforms for select games, check your local listings.

  3. RLY??? TWINS=28th??? Yeah theyre not wat they were in 2010 but dats ridiculous we wudnt have been so bad if we didnt hav injuries we should be around 18th we r wayy better than the indians wat a joke

  4. The Twins are terrible. They have the worst record in the American League and by far the worst run differential (-101) in the majors (the Astros are second worst, with a run differential of -78).

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