First NCAA Football 13 Gameplay Video

Yesterday EA Sports released some huge news concerning NCAA Football 13. There will be 25 new types of pass trajectories whereas before you were forced to either throw a bullet pass or a skyball lob pass. In this year’s game…

ncaa 13 gameplay

Yesterday EA Sports released some huge news concerning NCAA Football 13.  There will be 25 new types of pass trajectories whereas before you were forced to either throw a bullet pass or a skyball lob pass.  In this year’s game you will be able to place the pass over linebackers, or inside of the safeties.  Another major improvement that has plagued past NCAA Football games is the abolishment of psychic defensive backs who just happen to know where the ball is even without looking.

These were 2 of the main concerns brought up by the hardcore community and the casual players because both were just incredibly unrealistic.  If you watch the video below, you can tell there are still some flaws with the gameplay in NCAA 13 but the major problems look to be getting worked out.  What do you think of these improvements?  Let us know in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “First NCAA Football 13 Gameplay Video”

  1. Soooooo, this is NCAA 12 right? It looks the exact same. Same boring sidelines, same exact graphics, same passes, sames easy, oh wait not easy, oh wait easy again game-play, same dynasty screens, same stupid “here’s the middle of the field” drop in cover 2 by the linebackers, same bad interaction on the line, same EVERYTHING…sorry EA, I was getting caught up in the hype, but…not anymore. I will say it looks like psychic linebackers are gone and passing is SLIGHTLY more realistic…thank you for putting something in that should have been a 1st release item on the current gen systems. I know I am being a bit harsh, but I don’t care, you make millions of dollars on this game, make it better.

    1. Okay, so my bad, the video I was watching WAS from 2012, it just said 2013…sorry EA, I was just so disappointed with 2012 that I am jaded…I hope you make a great game because I would love to play a game as good as NCAA 05 was for it’s time. 🙂

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