FIFA 13 Will Have More Realistic Faces

fifa 13 facial improvements

While FIFA 12 was a giant step forward for the series, EA Sports looks to continue their dominance of the virtual pitch.  It has been confirmed that FIFA 13 will feature new digital imaging designed to make it much easier to recognize your favorite players from a distance as well as up close.  EA Sports has partnered with Dimensional Imaging to produce a 3D likeness that we have never seen before.

We still don’t have too many details concerning FIFA 13 but it is usually around this time that details start to emerge.  When they do, we will keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Will Have More Realistic Faces”

  1. It has also been said that with this, more teams can be brought in to get more realistic faces. Last year it took a long time for each, now its a very expedited process.

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