FIFA 13 Community Kickoff Event Summary

Last Thursday I was invited by EA Sports FIFA community manager, Romily Broad, to watch a live webcast from the team at FIFA 13. There are plenty of great additions coming to this year’s game…

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Last Thursday I was invited by EA Sports FIFA community manager, Romily Broad, to watch a live webcast from the team at FIFA 13.  The webcast, featuring producers Nick Channon and Aaron McHardy, lasted a little over 90 minutes and gave a few community leaders an exclusive look at some of the big additions to FIFA 13.  Last week we touched on the 5 new additions and focuses coming to this year’s version of the game.  This week we can go into detail about what exactly you can expect from those new additions.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any screenshots or videos (and understandably so) since the game is still so early on in the development stage but I took as detailed notes as possible so hopefully I can give you a good idea of what FIFA 13 looks like at this stage.  Take a look at my summary from the FIFA 13 community kickoff webcast and if you have ideas or comments let me know and I will try to pass along of the feedback to the developers.

We already know that the 5 features that will see a big emphasis in FIFA 13 are attacking intelligence improvements, complete dribbling, first touch control, player impact engine and tactical free kicks.  But up until today, we had no idea what to expect from each one.  Lets take a deeper look at each one individually.

Attacking Intelligence Improvements

  1. Decisive runs are now more natural instead of having players running around like they are confused.  Players in FIFA 13 now move with conviction.  The days of players only moving in straight lines are over.
  2. Different types of runs like being able to curve your run allow you to more easily stay onside.  Instead of turning and running toward the sideline or turning all the way around, a player will stutter or change his angle to avoid going offside.
  3. Players have a better ability to open up passing channels.
  4. Players now are programmed to think two plays ahead.  While it may not be perfect, there is an attempt to get that level of player intelligence into FIFA 13.

A common question that came up from the community leaders was, “Since attackers now have been improved dramatically what happens to defenders?”  This question was answered in 3 parts:

  1. Highly skilled players and less fatigued players have a better chance of doing these things.
  2. Defenders still hold up very well even to the improved attacking capabilities.
  3. The balance will still be there.  You don’t need to worry about matches with scores of 8-6.  It will still be very realistic.

Complete Dribbling

  1. You can now move in a direction different than your attacker is facing.  Your player will have 360 degrees of movement as well as 360 degrees of facing.
  2. There is maximum protection while shielding the ball with precision dribbling.
  3. FIFA Street put in a feature called,  “street ball control” which FIFA 13 improved and built off of. You will see much more freedom and creativity in dribbling this year.

First Touch Control

  1. In FIFA 12 any player could control any type of pass and keep the ball right next to them even if it is an incredibly difficult touch.
  2. First touch control will be based off of player skill, environment, and other factors that will make FIFA 13 much more realistic.  So if it is raining heavily and it is a contested ball, it will be much harder to control a long pass in FIFA 13 than it was in FIFA 12.
  3. The exploit of the lofted through ball has been taken away.
  4. The gameplay and animations look much more natural.

Player Impact Engine

  1. Last year’s player impact engine was all about stumbles, falls and collissions.  This year is about building features on top of the platform that was laid out last year.
  2. There is a better understanding of how tangled players stand up in FIFA 13.  No more FIFA 12 kiss animation!
  3. Players will have more humanistic strengths in all joints which gives us more realistic player reactions.
  4. Push/Pull system improved.  Strong defenders can play to their strengths.  The push/pull system has been expanded from just on the dribbler to any player on the pitch at any time.
  5. The referee now has a better understanding of the push/pull system which allows for more fairly called matches.

Tactical Free Kicks

  1. There are a ton of new options on both free kicks and the defense of free kicks.
  2. You can now play kicks to the run over players.
  3. You are allowed a 3rd kicker to be a part of free kicks in FIFA 13.
  4. You don’t have to have a free kick specialist like Christiano Ronaldo to have successful free kicks anymore.
  5. Restructured the way the wall works.  You can now re-form the wall if you are faked out.  Or you can creep up a little with your wall to make the angle harder for the attacker.  If you creep up to far however, you will be penalized.

Miscellaneous Notes

  1. Lateral contain
  2. New pass types
  3. New animations
  4. New celebrations
  5. New intelligence

These notes are fairly raw since there was so much information packed into the 90 minute webcast so if anything was unclear, feel free to ask about it in the comments section.  Also, if you have any FIFA 13 suggestions or comments go ahead and leave them in the comments section and if enough people want something, I will pass it along to Romily Broad.

8 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Community Kickoff Event Summary”

  1. I think they should be better alternation of jerseys….like a team should be able to change shorts independently depending on the home team their playing

  2. Any chance that you can play referee career mode? Where you get to be the ref, where you can be in Carling Cup, CHL, Europa League etc. Could be fun and have more varities of things you can do in career, player, player-manager, manager and referee.

  3. I would like to be able to use “swerve pass” on ground crosses like in reality. Second, when throwing in, many times the thrower won’t pick up the ball resulting in letting the defense settle. Could you guys improve that? Finally, the CPU defense just loves to stand around and let defenders run by or jump over them (especially on corners). These were things I think that I needed improvement.

  4. Will the players in fifa 13 receive more tackles and sliding tackles, to the referee give free kicks?

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