New Hot Routes in Madden 13

madden nfl 13 new hot routes

Shopmaster over at has been gathering some fantastic information from the EA Sports developers live at E3.  Today he confirmed that their will be plenty of brand new hot routes making their way into Madden 13.

Those hot routes include running back swing routes, running back wheel routes, block and release routes (aka the blue routes), and whip routes.  The standard hot routes that we have been forced to play with for years got old very quickly and many of them were never realistic to begin with.  When have you ever seen a running back run a fade route in the middle of the field?

With the addition of the brand new physics engine, the ability to disguise defensive coverages, and now brand new hot routes, Madden 13 will feel like a brand new game for the first time since it moved to next gen consoles.  This is absolutely something to be excited for.

Note: The Madden 13 team ratings have come out.  If you haven’t already seen them, they can be found by following this link.

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