Madden 13 Team Ratings From E3

madden nfl 13 overall team ratings

Madden 13 was on full display at E3 in Los Angeles with lots of exciting news coming out each day.  Today the guys over at Operation Sports put together an image with all 32 teams’ overall ratings in this year’s game.  We put that data into a list that you can copy and paste or share with your friends, we just ask that you link back to this article.  Please keep in mind these ratings could change between now and late August but based on the playable Madden NFL 13 game at E3 these team ratings are accurate.

Every year the NCAA Football franchise seems to keep raising team ratings while Madden seems to lower them.  This year there are 5 teams in NCAA Football 13 with 99 overall ratings.  The Packers and the Patriots are the top teams in the game right now at 86 overall.  The Colts are the worst rated team at 66 overall.

Check out the full list below.  Who is overrated?  Who is underrated?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or in our Madden 13 forum.

Bears – 81
Bengals – 74
Bills – 74
Broncos – 76
Browns – 67
Bucs – 69
Cardinals – 75
Chargers – 78
Chiefs – 76
Colts – 66
Cowboys – 79
Dolphins – 68
Eagles – 84
Falcons – 81
49ers – 81
Giants – 84
Jaguars – 70
Jets – 79
Lions – 77
Packers – 86
Panthers – 76
Patriots – 86
Raiders – 70
Rams – 71
Ravens – 80
Redskins – 78
Saints – 78
Seahawks – 73
Steelers – 85
Texans – 78
Titans – 72
Vikings – 71

75 thoughts on “Madden 13 Team Ratings From E3”

  1. Broncos at only a 76? That seems a little bit low considering they got to the 2nd round of the playoffs last year and added one of the best QB’s of all time to their team.

    1. How are the Ravens rated 5 points lower than the steelers after sweeping them last year and being only a dropped pass from the superbowl? Thats pretty darn biased if you ask me

    2. I don’t think the cowboys should be a 79? The eagles are 84 and so are the giants!! The eagles suck!! Where is this made Philadelphia!!

      1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if the eagles suck, why were they 5-1 in the NFC East? What was the Cowboy’s record in the NFC East? The cowgirls get whooped as usual… no big… so thats why they are so low in rating. besides you should be used to them having such a low rating..

  2. Once Andrew Luck starts dominated the Colts will move higher than the Jaguars and the Titans.

    1. I’m not sure the Texans should be an 85 since that would be higher than the defending champions New York Giants at 84 but I agree that 78 is way too low for them. I think 82-83 would be accurate.

      1. I also think the 49ers should be an 82 or 83 overall instead of an 81 but that is just a minor detail.

    2. are you guys serious? cowboys ranked higher than the texans? no way…but,cowboys always get high ratings every year…why?

  3. OVR team ratings don’t mean a thing, neither do OVR player ratings. It’s all about player attributes, which have been horribly inaccurate/inconsistent for years.

  4. Falcons 81? Matty Ice at QB, Turner at RB, arguably the best trio of targets at WR/TE, and the defense now has one of the best CB trios in the damn league with Asante, Grimes, and Dunta….Ok EA whatever you say

  5. LMAO How the Hell can the Steelers be rated above the Ravens when the Steelers Lost to Tebow and got swept by the Ravens. And the Eagles an 84? They sucked last season.

    1. You realize that overall team rating is pretty much an average of player ratings? Having player ratings along with this will make a lot more ratings understandable.

    2. Why do you say Philadephia sucked last year? Techincally, I think they should have made the playoffs, but they were 8-8, I think, but they beat the New York Giants and Dallas, and only the Giants made the playoffs. They also lost against San Francisco by one point, and I’m just saying maybe if the highest rating is 86, that’s not really accurate, but maybe San Franciso should be 83 or 84, and New England and the New York Giants should be the same b/c they played really close in the Super Bowl. Also, I agree that Green Bay should be the same as New England and New York or maybe 2 or 3 points higher than the other two teams b/c they only lost one game in the regular season, but not everything will be accurate, I guess. As long as the game is a lot better, I think that’s what really matters.

  6. Ravens an 80?!?!!?REALLY??woooww?thats just disrespect!!swept the division and made it to the confrence game!!one catch away from the super bowl!!!this is an outrage!!

    another thing is,pats 86?did you guys just rate their offense?lol..must i remind ya that the dolphins passing game was going in on them??they cant be higher than the giants..this must be a fake throw off list

  7. Well considering the fact that the ratings were taken from when they were showing off during the connected careers i believe they were only showing offensive ratings, but its a bit weird to see a madden without a team rated over a 90 when it is displayed, but maybe this is not a finished product, but on another note….How can the Cowboys be rated at a 79!!!!! come on, they may have went 8-8 but they did have a solid year, Romo was an elite QB, playing through injury and they had L.Robinson become a breakout but were riddled by injury

    1. The Cowboys always have a better team then the overall ratings give them credit for, but Laurent Robinson having a breakout year is irrelevant since he signed with the Jaguars in the offseason. So he will have no impact on the Cowboys in Madden 13.

  8. Wow! The Saints a 78? How eagles don’t make the playoffs and get an 81. Saints clearly was a top team in the NFC and gets a 78. The fuckery

    1. Your kidding right… In my opinion niners and Lions ratings should be switched… Niners had a good year but have shown nothing to prove they can be consistently good….

  9. The highest is 86! Add 13 to whatever your team’s rating is and if you’re still bent, get over it

  10. It’s complete insanity for the 4-12 Redskins to be rated higher than the 10-6 Lions, and the same as the 13-3 Saints and the 10-6 Texans. I don’t think EA takes the previous seasons statistics into account at all, they just rate based on who they like. And RG3 is OVERRATED.

  11. You guys do realize the saints squad has been hindered with the ban of their bounty players. Also, the ratings only reflect an average of the 22 starters, kickers, and kick returners. I personally like the ratings, it looks as if they spread the player ratings out over a wider range of overalls this year. That could lead to these lower than average numbers for team overalls.

    1. I have no issue with overall ratings being lower, just the fact that a team that lost 75% of it’s games last year is rated equally with multiple playoff teams.

  12. Again the Lions get screwed… What the hell madden, they made the playoffs, everyone says they are going to be better this year yet they are still the 16th best team in the game? The redskins are better? They have no O line, No Defense, No receivers, a rookie qb… ect…Madden pisses me off every year…. We have a nasty d line, great lbs, tulloch should be 90-93 range. The best WRing core in the game… Screwed… This is why I wont buy madden games… Bad Ratings and poor gameplay…

    1. No defense? Get real bud they have a great defense will be top 10 this year and our oline is improving. Best wr corps in the game? Get real u have 1 good player and ur defense is garbage you have a good dl but a shit secondary and shit linebackers with one exception.

  13. Panthers should be higher than a 76 with that offense and the defensive players that are coming back

  14. the seattle seahawks at 73 c’mon they beat the bears the giants and the ravens and last year the saints and thats there rating really!!!!!!!!!!

    1. for one madden game i wish thaey could have atleast a 80 overall but i guess thats to much to wish for well in madden 07 and 08 that didnt count cause it had bad graficks

  15. really? lions at a 77? they might not be THAT good, but they made it into the playoffs and this is their best season in a while…and the fact that the highest overall is 86 is just stupid. EA did it again.

  16. and you should change the overalls to be higher. how are you going to put the highest overall an 86? the highest should be like a 95. doing it this way seems like every team is close to being the best team which is really dumb

  17. Lions a 77 is very underrated considering they return 21-22 starters and drafted pretty well. I def think they should be higher than the redskins RGIII hasn’t even played yet there is no way he beefs up the skins to a 78. I also think Stafford will increase from is 80 rating last year considering he went off last year, but idk these rankings are all close so i guess that’s good. Still a lot of overrated and underrated teams

    1. Lions have a shitty secondary and a shitty shitty oline and an injury prone qb. No rb and 1 great wide reciever. Their rating is perfect I might give them a 78 or 79 though

    2. If any team got screwed its not the lions but the panthers. Best lb corps in the league 2 solid corners cam newton and the best rb duo in the league. I’ll give them a 78 just like the skins

  18. wait… this can’t be right unless EA Sports thinks the NFL will have a bunch of average teams this year…

    No team higher than 86? I am confused…

    How are the ‘Skins rated higher than the Lions?? Just cuz of RGIII??? common EA. quit sucking d*** to the popular guy. geez. this is retarded. I guess RG3 plays defense and special teams too. pathetic.

    1. If you’ve ever played with the redskins you would’ve known that a good qb was all that they needed to be a top 10 team and that’s just what they got along with new olinemen and defenders.

  19. and also… the Lions are only getting better and have 5 teams who didn’t make the playoffs have a higher rating… this is absurd!!! This is what ratings should be…
    Bears – 80
    Bengals – 77
    Bills – 75
    Broncos – 78
    Browns – 67
    Bucs – 71
    Cardinals – 74
    Chargers – 79
    Chiefs – 76
    Colts – 68
    Cowboys – 75
    Dolphins – 67
    Eagles – 82
    Falcons – 80
    49ers – 87
    Giants – 90
    Jaguars – 69
    Jets – 79
    Lions – 85
    Packers – 92
    Panthers – 76
    Patriots – 89
    Raiders – 72
    Rams – 70
    Ravens – 89
    Redskins – 74
    Saints – 77
    Seahawks – 73
    Steelers – 88
    Texans – 81
    Titans – 72
    Vikings – 73

    1. Thanks for actually putting ratings over 90, these make since, but don’t you think the Saints could move up four or five spots?

  20. So the SAINTS got a 78 as the #1 team in the NFL south and the Falcons got an 80 even though they lost their starting MLB to THE SAINTS!! Ok I get it the Saints lost their head coach, lets remember the Saints also have THE BEST QB IN THE NFL and the best OFFENSE in the NFL and will now have a formidable defense so aside from Sean going down for the year, what have the Saints lost? They replaced every lost player with a formidable if not better player and their Offensive Coordinator is still going to call the plays on offense and our defensive coordinator does the same on his side. What am I missing? Here’s some teams with better ratings than the SAINTS———

    JETS?? Who’s even the QB??
    BEARS?? Saints also dominated last year
    CHARGERS?? Really is the most overrated team and QB in the NFL
    LIONS?? Saints dominated last season
    EAGLES?? What have they done?

    1. Uh, my man… Drew Brees is NOT the best QB in the league! Neither is the Saints’ offense. They’re all SECOND best.

      1. And who could possibly keep up with the offense? We were one yard away from beating the Packers and we completely destroyed the Giants. Brees is the most consistent qb in the NFL, and we have the rb tandem out there. So we should rank higher. And we did have the best offense, just watch the freaking film…


  22. everybody hatin on da bears, why? when we crush the packers and the lions this season and go 13-3 every one will understand why the ratings are what they are. GO BEARS

  23. Haha Drew Brees best QB in the NFL yeah right. Don’t get me wrong though he is definitely up there

  24. The Chiefs ended Madden 12 at a 79. They now have Jamal Charles, Eric berry, And Tony Moeaki back from injury. Jonathon Baldwin has another year under his belt and will be a better receiver. They have added Eric Winston to add to the o-line and also added Peyton Hillis to run with Charles and McCluster. Add this with Brandon flowers and Derrick Johnson on defense and I think they should be better. I think they should be a 79 at least taking all that into consideration.

  25. I know the Phins aren’t great but they’ve got a pretty good defense and aside from bad WRs the offense isn’t that bad should be in the low 70’s IMO.

  26. these ratings don’t make any sense, you have the bengals at a 74 arguablly the best draft in the NFL the number 7 defense had a better record than the cards,the chiefs, the panthers and the boys made it to the playoffs where the lost i say that their rating shuld be right around 80 which would be respectable IMO then you have the ravens rated lower than the steelers who if i recall were swept by the ravens and damn near beat the pats to go to the superbowl is a bit underrated, i would have to agree with mark these ratings suck

  27. It blows my mind that teams the Browns have beaten got better ratings as well as teams that had worse records then them…. Makes no sense.

  28. Are you serious. The bills killed the chiefs and are rated lower than them? Does the signing of mario williams not meaneither anything as well? Wtf ! Lions,texans,bills are way under rated. Fuck the steelers, 85? Wtf is with these rankings.

  29. i dont see the problem with these ratings for the most part i mean the giants were a 9-7 team the packers 15-1 the pit. d was ranked higher than the niners and they were hurt for most of the year the eagles and cowboys inproved in the off season u dont know what theyre basing this off maybe because t.suggs hurt and ed reed down but besides that the pats gotten better the bills have the ravens gotten worse so have the raiders and titanis the lions chiefs falcons( gotten a cb but loss lofton) and beangles have had no dramasic changes so they’ve essentially gotten worse

    1. The only problems I have with the ranking is it seems to be based off media hype and not team performance. Redskins ranked as high as some playoff teams and the Patriots being ranked the highest of all teams when their defense is clearly flawed

      1. thank you! that’s what I’ve been thinking for sometime now, i mean a clear point the Jets Defense, or lack of. they had one good showing on how they should play every game. the year they acquired Cromartie (etc.). And then had a “pair on shut down corners”. I don’t think so.

  30. The 49ers should be the HIGHEST rated team on Madden13. They have THE MOST TALENTED ROSTER IN THE NFL!!!

  31. Ok! honestly how do the guys at EA rate? do the use a simulated cpu system? or look over the past year in review, then break down the player individually?…. or do they sticked glued to their screens and watch the highlights on ESPN? I’m thinking more so the one with the T.V.’s i can state so many things wrong like everyone else here. But then again I’m just one person but really would like to know how the EA sports team rate the Football teams?

  32. Are you kiddin me bro? Saints at 78?! WIth the Eagles at 84. Screw that bro. Saints are my favorite team by far and I don’t think they should be like the highest but not that whack. If it has anything to do with the Bountys thats ridiculous I mean this is a game not who is the most respectful team. Ragged -_-

    1. EA is drunk right now, maybe when the online roster is downloaded, the Saints will have a better rating… which they should. P.S. Godell sucks!

  33. As a Browns fan, I accept and understand that we’re absolutely horrible, but we’re better than the freakin’ Jaguars. At least we have part of a defense with Joe Haden, Jabaal Sheard, Phil Taylor and D’well Jackson.

  34. Holy sh** these ratings are insane! EA sports does not care about the madden franchise because they have a monopoly on the football video games. They are all garbage and need to be stopped before they ruin the madden name. Read the nfl power rankings for 2013 giants are 1 pats are 2 and 49s are 3 and thats fair giants did win and pats were in second. here we have the pats as 1 WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and giants and eagles tied

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