NCAA Football 13 New Hot Route Screenshots

Earlier this week we reported on some of the new hot routes in Madden 13.  Those same hot routes will be incorporated into NCAA Football 13.  You can now hot route your running backs to wheel routes, swing routes, and block and release routes (also known as blue routes).  Wide receivers and tight ends can no longer run slant out routes, instead they have been converted into whip routes.

I realize that for the less football savvy gamers out there, these terms could be somewhat confusing so I decided to put together a few screenshots of all of the new hot routes in NCAA Football 13.

Running Back Wheel Route
Running Back Swing Left
Running Back Swing Right
Slot Receiver Whip Route
Wide Receiver Whip Route
Running Back Block and Release Route (Blue Route)

3 thoughts on “NCAA Football 13 New Hot Route Screenshots”

  1. What’s up, OP?

    This is my first time on your site, although I have purchased your guides in the past. I was just wondering what’s up with the NON-ABILITY to HOT ROUTE to a CORNER ROUTE. You can do INSIDE SLANT ROUTES, but NOT OUTSIDE SLANT ROUTES.

    I understand outside slants were heavily abused last year, but come’on, EA. Come up with a solution, don’t just take the hot route out of the game completely…

  2. great info , i definetly agree with Michael ^ i mean, i did maybe abuse the slant out hot route but its sucha a vital part of my quick audibles on most long throw plays. when i played ncaa 13 with my friend last week i was getting so frustrated with these “whip routes” they replaced em with cuz they more often then not take WAYYY too long to even get to the sidelines, esp cause its basically a double move route. *sigh its sucha a change that i might not even get the game n wait til madden, but oh yea, its the same on madden too -_-

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