Markowski23’s NCAA Football 13 Demo Thoughts

I’d pick Madden over NCAA Football any day of the week, but the NCAA Football 13 demo is the closest thing I have to being able to play Madden 13. Both franchises utilize the same type of gameplay, and both have new features that I was excited to check out. After waiting for a half hour( thanks Xbox 360), I was excited to finally play it.

My first thoughts were to try out the new passing system where you could lead your receivers and throw a backshoulder deep ball pass. On the very first play, playing as USC against Oregon, Matt Barkley threw a slant that led the wide out upfield to gain 20 or so yards. Obviously the new passing trajectory system will help gamers make some plays. Throwing the deep ball, is a bit harder though, which leads me into my next point.

The DBs in this game have really stepped up. I remember last year being so frustrated when the CPU would throw a deep ball into single coverage, and my DB would be facing the wrong way. My only hope was when the WR caught it, my DB would hit the ball out of his hands. Not in this game. The DB actually turns around and reacts to the ball. It makes it harder to pass the ball, but when on defense, you will feel like all of your DBs are Revis-like.

I really enjoy the new Heisman mode too. It is like Road to Glory, but you do not have to deal with trying to get your abilities better. Playing as the only available character on the demo, Robert Griffin III, I put him on Oregon to really utilize his running abilities. The best part is being able to slow down time. I know we all want a more realistic game, but then again, Heisman winners are not normal players. I would not recommend using it while throwing, because you become closer to the QB, and you cannot see some of your receivers. Using it while running, is a completely different story. You can use it to find holes, think which way you’re going to juke, or see if you should run at all. You only get 15 seconds, but usually, when you use it and you gain positive yards, the meter regenerates. I am really excited to use the Heisman mode in the full version, getting to play as other playmakers. I cannot wait to use Desmond Howard returning punts while using the Reaction Time feature or running past defenders as Barry Sanders. It is a very exciting and interesting mode I will certainly check out.

Overall,  just from the demo, the game looks like it is ushering in a new era in football games. Every feature they have added only enhances the gameplay. The Heisman mode will make you feel like you are the actually players dominating the other teams. NCAA Football 13 will do just fine until August 28th comes rolling around.

Let us know your thoughts on the demo in the comments section or in our NCAA Football 13 forum.

2 thoughts on “Markowski23’s NCAA Football 13 Demo Thoughts”

  1. I played it, it was pretty good. Dyansty mode with RGIII was fly. You kinda feel unstoppable with the slowing down time but your playing as a Heisman Trophy Winner, thats how you should feel. I think its a solid game but I’m excepting way more from Madden13.

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