Best 5 QB’s in Madden NFL 13

Alright Madden gamers with the game being release only a few short days ago the Madden staff at VG came up with the Top 5 QB’s in Madden NFL 13 based off of their Madden Efficiency Rating.  What is the Madden Efficiency Rating you ask? Well it is an average of  the players most important rating depending on their position. The attributes were discussed by some of the best Madden players and we are confident that these are the true best 5 starting QB’s in Madden NFL 13.


At #5 the Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford with a Madden Efficiency Rating of 91.0.  Stafford has the highest Throw Power in the game with a rating of 99, and that is what propelled him into the top 5.

At #4 the New York Football Giants QB Eli Manning with a Madden Efficiency Rating of 91.2.  The defending champ has very solid ratings in every category across the board.  One of the most accurate QB’s in the game.

At #3 the New England Patriots QB Tom Brady with a Madden Efficiency Rating of 92.6.  The 3 time champion has always been a top QB in Madden NFL and with the numbers he put up this previous season it’s no shock he is close to the top again.

At #2 the New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees with a Madden Efficiency Rating of 93.6.  The single season yardage record holder comes into Madden NFL 13 bolstering awesome ratings.  The only thing that kept him from being the best QB in Madden NFL 13 was his 89 Throw Power.

And finally at #1 the Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers with an amazing Madden Efficiency Rating of 96.8.  He won the MVP and most certainly has MVP like stats 97 Throw Power, 97 Throw Accuracy, 98 Short Throw Accuracy, 97 Medium Throw Accuracy, and 95 Deep Throw Accuracy. Wow, it doesn’t get any better than that.  If you want the most elite QB in Madden NFL 13 choose the Packers because Aaron Rodgers is your man.

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