Custom Playbooks Must Be Added To Madden 25 CCM

Updated: March 5, 2013

One of the biggest letdowns in Madden 13, outside of the non-existent import NCAA Football draft class feature, was the inability to use custom playbooks in connected careers mode.  It seems the only reason it was left out was simply a lack of time.  There is no such excuse with Madden 25 given that they have had an additional year now to develop it.

If EA Sports had to choose only one game mode to allow custom playbooks in, logically it would make the most sense to have custom playbooks in connected careers while leaving the feature out of regular ranked games.  In regular ranked games, you have to play with a team that has a playbook built specifically for them.  For example, the New England Patriots playbook takes advantage of the Patriots personnel while the formations and plays are, for the most part, realistic to what you’d see the Patriots run on any given Sunday.

That is not the case in connected careers mode.  For example, that same Patriots team in a connected careers setting could be completely different 5 years in.  Tom Brady and his wide receivers will have retired, you may have drafted a stud running back and have a terrible passing game.  All of the sudden, you have an offense that is nothing like the Patriots playbook and doesn’t take advantage of their personnel at all.  You may not be able to identify your offense with any specific team’s playbook at this point.  This is where a custom playbook in Madden 25 connected careers would come in handy.

To be clear, we are not advocating getting rid of custom playbooks in regular ranked games.  Instead we are arguing that it must be included in all games modes that Madden 25 has to offer.  Most importantly, though, is connected careers.

The other 2 features that are essential to connected careers, are the ability to change playbooks without retiring your coach and the addition of a practice mode that will allow you to practice with your team more than 1 time per week.

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