Jadeveon Clowney Should Have 99 Rating in NCAA Football 14

South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney, the all but certain #1 overall NFL draft pick were he allowed to enter this year, deserves the elusive 99 overall rating in NCAA Football 14.  On top of his mind boggling statistics and highlight clips from last year, the news came out today that the 6’6″ 275 pound defensive end also ran a 4.5 40 yard dash.

If players still in college were allowed to be on the cover, he would be as close to a sure thing as there is.  Unfortunately, due to NCAA rules that can’t happen.  Nonetheless, Clowney should be comparably more dominant in NCAA Football 14 than Demarcus Ware in Madden 25.

Even though the NCAA Football series does not come out with player names, look for #7 on South Carolina to be the most effective and highest rated defensive player over the last decade.

NCAA Football 14 comes out on July 9th, 2013.  Ryan Swope and Denard Robinson are still battling it out via a fan vote to decide the cover athlete.  Look for Jadeveon Clowney to grace the cover of NCAA Football  15.

Who else do you think deserves the 99 overall rating in NCAA 14?  Let us know in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Jadeveon Clowney Should Have 99 Rating in NCAA Football 14”

  1. He should not be a 99ovr I say 95 at the most, he still needs work If he decides to stay for Ncaa 15 then yes he’ll be a SR and he should be a beast but 95ovr for Ncaa 14

  2. He won’t be on NCAA 15. He shouldn’t have to be in NCAA 14. He definitely should be a 99. This is his last yr of NCAA give him the 99. He’s has been the best player in college football since the day he left high school. Maybe not stat-wise but when you watch him, you know that he is the best college player in the country. He should have been a 95 the past 2 years. Does anyone debate that his hitting power should be 99. Acceleration 99. Awareness 99 …just ask the michigan rb….LOL

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