NCAA Football 14 Cover Vote Cheating

Updated: March 8, 2013

News came out of EA Sports’ NCAA Football 14 twitter account earlier today that voting irregularities a.k.a. cheating has taken place in the cover vote between Texas A&M’s Ryan Swope and Michigan’s Denard Robinson.  Apparently some fans have taken the vote so seriously that they created thousands of fake FaceBook profiles to cast extra votes.

Apparently the event that trigger the investigation took place yesterday when Denard Robinson was leading by almost 7,000 votes.  Within a matter of hours, that lead had been wiped out and Ryan Swope had taken over.  An investigation into the matter by EA Sports apparently uncovered the fake profiles.

This certainly could have been avoided had EA Sports decided to use a different platform to host the voting.  It is notoriously easy to manipulate FaceBook’s polling feature.

There is still no word on how exactly the fake voting impacted the standing or whether it was just on the Texas A&M’s side.  Voting closes tomorrow and we’d expect to get an answer by then.

Who did you vote for?  Let us know in the comments section.


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