Madden NFL 25 Cover Tournament Kicks Off

EA Sports’ cover vote for Madden NFL 25 is now underway.  64 NFL past and present NFL stars have the opportunity to grace the cover of this year’s popular NFL simulation video game.  The brackets were sorted into 2 categories with one side being “Old School” with mostly retired players from the past and the otherside being called “New School” with young up and coming stars in the current NFL.

Each team is represented this year with the 49ers getting 3 players in the tournament.  Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Colin Kaepernick are the choices that 49er fans have.

The first round of the tournament will take place until March 20th.  Following that, all subsequent rounds will last 1 week with the winner being announced in late April.

Madden 25 is still on schedule to be released on August 27th.  That gives EA Sports 4 months from the cover announcement until the official release date to reveal other news.

You can place your votes on the ESPN Sportsnation page starting today at this link.  More discussion can be had at our Madden 25 forum.

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