Denard Robinson Wins NCAA 14 Cover

Former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson has won the EA Sports NCAA Football 14 cover vote tournament.  Robinson beat out Texas A&M receiver Ryan Swope to land his spot on the cover.

The choice is absolutely the correct one considering how dominant Denard Robinson was on previous NCAA Football video games.  Each of the past 3 years he was easily one of the top 5 players in the game.  Even before Michigan’s recent re-emergence to football prominence, a lot of people would pick the Wolverines simply because their QB, Denard Robinson, was so effective in the game.

The cover vote started with 8 players and lasted a few months.  The cheating scandal in the finals will likely impact the way all future sports game cover votes will be handled.  Now that it has wrapped up, EA Sports has launched their Madden 25 cover tournament which will conclude in late April.

NCAA Football 14 is still scheduled to come out on July 9th of this year on both the XBOX 360 and the PlayStation 3 consoles.  There is still no word on if it will make its way onto future generation consoles like the PS4 or XBOX 720.

The first real news about the NCAA Football franchise traditionally comes out in mid-late March.  Look for some of the major issues from NCAA Football 13 to be addressed.

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