Brushing Up On Madden 25 Tips With Madden School

The new Madden game is right around the corner so that means it is time to bust out the Madden 25 tips again.  Modrewgnu from has been kind enough to join us to go over some of his favorite strategies for the upcoming game.

VG Strategy: What are a few things that you tell people who just picked up Madden 25 that want to get better immediately?

Madden-School: The best way to improve your skill level is practice.  Like anything, the more time you put into it, the better you will be.  You want to focus on practice mode first.  Pick a play and run it against all kinds of defenses.  Get your timing down and no what to look for.  Once you get comfortable with a scheme, then take it into a game.  A common mistake is to just jump right into an online ranked game and see how it goes.  Try to avoid that.

Also, pick a team and stick with them.  I can guarantee that a guy who picks an average team like the Dolphins and uses them every game will be better than a guy who switches between the top 5 teams.  There is something to be said for consistency.  You know the limits of all of your players once you get used to them.  This minimizes your mistakes.

One of the absolute easiest ways for someone to get better in Madden 25 is to simply buy one of our elite Madden 25 guides online.  Some people call them ebooks, others call them strategy guides but the outcome is the same.  They will make you better immediately.

VG Strategy: What about for people who can’t afford Madden ebooks?  How should they get better?

Madden-School: There are all kinds of easily accessible ways to brush up on your Madden tips.   Our Madden-School forum is one of those resources.  Hundreds of pretty awesome people get together there and share their knowledge.  If the community scene isn’t really thing, we usually do a good job of organizing our tips and strategies in the Madden 25 tips section on our website.

VG Strategy: What do you think will be the hardest part of Madden 25 for the average person?

Madden School: It is hard to say at this point.  I think the run free feature is going to lead to a vastly improved running game.  I’d be surprised if quarterback runs from the pistol and shotgun formations aren’t effective.  Some teams ran them so well in the NFL last year that EA Sports will have to represent that in their game.

VG Strategy: What team will you use?

Madden-School: The Jaguars.  This is for 2 reasons: They are probably the worst team in the game and they are my favorite NFL team.  It is hard to stay competitive with a team like that but if you can win with the Jaguars, you can win with any team.

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